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Featuring Lyrium Poses

Later this month I will hit the two year mark of creating this blog and this post is number 628!!  I always thought I would like blogging but didn’t have the time but after working 35+ years I was lucky enough to be able to stop work and start staying home.  I haven’t officially retired (I’m not THAT old!) but I guess it’s just like being retired but without getting that monthly check! *Laughs*

I was lucky enough to pick up some great sponsors in those early days, one of which was Lyrium Poses.  I started blogging for Lyrium in September 2018 and have been thankful to always be invited back when they do their “blogger clean-up”.  Lyrium has started doing some amazing backdrops to go along with their creative poses so I am really having a lot of fun blogging them.  This one, The Crossing Backdrop, is a complete scene.  All I added was myself and the dandelion fluff.  The clouds are animated and gently roll along. So, so pretty!

There are also poses designed to go with the backdrop.  The Crossing 1 Series includes  5 poses and their mirrors, color change flying leaves (not shown here) and a floral bouquet.  The backdrop and the poses are sold separately and are available at Equal10.  Equal10 just opened yesterday so be patient while trying to get in but be sure to head over and take a look.  You will get some beautiful shots with these.


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Wasabi  – Anaia

Romper – Tres Blah – Greta Romper


Lyrium Poses – The Crossing Backdrop @ Equal10

{anc} – Dandelion Fluff


Lyrium Poses– The Crossing – Pose #3

Make A Wish 4K

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