Same Old Song And Dance

Same Old Song And Dance 4K

Featuring [Krescendo] and Refuge

My Disney World love is showing again.  It’s funny how certain things will immediately trigger favorite Disney memories…things that no one except fans of the park and its attractions would catch on to.  I usually send them to my daughter and ask her what it reminds her of and she always gets it.

I know I have mentioned before that I was a Disney fan but I don’t know if I ever mentioned I used to be a castmember at my local Disney Store back in Michigan.  It was a “just for fun” second job that started as a temporary holiday thing and ended up lasting 2 years.  Alas, when I moved there was no local Disney store.

I didn’t go to Disney until I was an adult, making my first trip at age 21.  I didn’t go again until I was 30 and after that went almost yearly.  I stopped counting at 22 trips.  See…told you I was a fan.  Anyway, when I saw this new Studio Rock gacha from Krescendo I immediately thought of  Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith.  There is a fun pre-show before the actual ride in which we get to see Aerosmith in their recording studio.  Their agent tells them they are late for a show and we, the audience, are invited.  The agent calls for some super fast limousines and off we go.  You can watch the pre-show here if you are interested.  Disney World is my happy place and I am overdue for a trip!!  Hopefully soon.




Studio Rock Gacha @ Man Cave
Drum Lamp
Guitar Case Table
Mic Light
Music Award
Record Player
Recording Booth – RARE
Recording Sign
Restricted Sign
Sofa – RARE
Speaker Art

Rockstar Stand Pastel
Rockstar Stand Classic
Grand Piano


Neon Torso Blue
Neon Torso Green
Neon Torso Pink
Drips Sideboard


Carter Center Speaker
Carter Floor Speaker

Trompe Loeil – Metal Barstool Red

Mikki Miles Musical Instruments – Drum Set Decor

Wookie Wasser’s Widgets – Lady Rockers Silhouette

Armonia Decor – Guitar Decor

Daffy’s Gadgetmania – Mesh Retro Microphone

by Nacht – Recording Studio


Aerosmith – Same Old Song And Dance

Same Old Song And Dance 4K

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