My Steel Horse

My Steel Horse 4K

Featuring *Cronos Poses* at Pose Fair Market

This was a fun photo to shoot.  It’s no secret my hubby and I have a few alts.  I really only keep up with 2 of mine and one of his and he keeps 2 of his up to date.  This guy here is the rough, biker type so he was the easy choice.  I finally put a note in my Second Life profile that even though the avatars and names in my profile may change they all belong to my real life husband.  I imagine there have been a few people who have seen me out dancing with one of the others who is NOT in my partner box and figured I was up to no good!  LOL  Rest assured that is never the case.  I did get to get him involved in this photo though and as usual we tried some of his ideas.  A couple regarding lighting and my outfit I let him have his way on and we both like the end result.

The Pose Fair Market starts a new round today where you will find great NEW poses that are 50% off what their normal price will be after the event.  All creators are offering a “fresh” gift.  It may not necessarily be a new item but it should be one that they haven’t given before.  The pose I am featuring comes from Cronos Poses.  The My Love Moto pose is a couple pose that comes complete with the motorcycle prop.  You can get a great shot from either side and the motorcycle is tintable if you want to color it up.  The new round will open today at noon SLT.  Be sure to check it out and take advantage of those half off prices.


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux  – Esther

Top – Scandalize – Niki Top

Shorts – Blueberry – Pia Denim Shorts

Boots – Garbaggio – Cate Boots


PALETO – Meeting Point


*Cronos Poses* – My Love Moto @ Pose Fair Market


Bon Jovi – Wanted Dead Or Alive

*On him:  Signature Gianni, Catwa Daniel, StrayDog Gian, Deadwool Broberry Jeans, Elemen’s Tank, Action Darmody and Milano Boots.*

My Steel Horse 4K

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