Have Surfboard, Will Travel

Have Surfboard, Will Trave 4Kl

Featuring Pitaya, Simply Shelby, *who what*, FABIA and Ohemo

Mornings like this, I realize how truly blessed I am and when that happens I like to take a moment and just say a few words of appreciation to whoever may be (or not be) listening.  I have a nice home, family I love, plenty to eat and my health, despite cancer trying its best twice now.  Not everyone is so fortunate and I know this.  The world can be a harsh place…is a harsh place.  People can be monsters…are monsters.  I wish the world was different….someday maybe it will be.  Until then, those of us who are decent human beings need to do all we can to help one another and acknowledge life’s injustices no matter how big or how small.  Acknowledge them AND do our part to change them.  We need to do better…be better….and we can…we have to!

Now…on a lighter note….I am also lucky to have a hobby I love and more important, the time to spend on enjoying that hobby.  Last month I had my 9th rez day and quietly celebrated the two year anniversary of my blog.  Blogging has become a real outlet for me and I have so much fun doing it.  I have a great group of sponsors who make it easy for me to create pretty pictures of all kinds.  I mean I think they are pretty and hopefully they do to.  LOL  No one has booted me yet so I guess that is a good sign, right?

Today, it is The Liaison Collaborative and its creators who are keeping me busy.  I love unpacking my blogger boxes and being immediately filled with ideas.  The Liaison Collaborative it themed each month which really makes my job as a blogger much easier because so much of it can be used together to make a wonderful scene.  All of my featured items can be found at The Liaison Collaborative.  Let’s get right to it!

First we have this super cute Kick Cruiser from *who what*.  I am using it as decor here but actually you wear this and are able to ride across the beach or wherever else you may need to go.  You get two types (male and female), a texture change hud and you are able to customize the surfboard texture as well.  So fun!  I can’t wait to ride it around my Linden neighborhood!

Continuing with surfboards, we have this beautiful display rack of them from Pitaya.  It is the Rent A Surfboard rack that is the perfect addition to your beach.  The textures are just gorgeous!

Next up, and adding some pretty greenery to my photo is this lovely Bamboo Wall from Simply Shelby.  The Bamboo Garden Set consists of 4 different styles from small clusters to a larger spread with and without a prim wall.  Beautiful textures and low land impact!

Moving away from the decor and onto the fashion are my super cute slide sandals from Ohemo.  These Gina Sandals come with a great texture hud with tons of options for mixing and matching the main strap, the inner and outer sole and the stitching.   These will be your summer go-to’s!

Last but not least is my pretty updo from Fabia.  It’s Valery and it includes a hairstyle hud with 7, yes 7, different styles to choose from.  One for every day of the week!

Happy Monday and happy shopping!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – FABIA  – Valery @ The Liaison Collaborative

Top – Tres Blah – Cabana Cami

Shorts – Blueberry – Ride or Die Shorts

Shoes – Ohemo – Gina Sandals @ The Liaison Collaborative

Earrings – Ohemo – Mora Statement Earrings

Sunglasses – [Fetch] – Charlotte Glasses


Pitaya – Rent A Surfboard @ The Liaison Collaborative

*who what* – Kick Cruiser @ The Liaison Collaborative

Simply Shelby – Bamboo Wall for Borders 1 @ The Liaison Collaborative

MudHoney – Beach Bag

Sway’s – Rue Boards Path – Washed Out

Jian – Chinchilla Beach Bath

The Little Branch – Crispy Grass


Diversion – Leaning – Pose 5M


The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations

Have Surfboard, Will Trave 4Kl

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