Boogie On Reggae Woman

Boogie On Reggae Woman 4K

Featuring Crate and Vanity Hair

The summer photos just keep coming and it’s only mid June.  Summer stuff is just so fun though, whether it’s decor or fashion.  When I am arranging a scene I am usually doing it with the mindset that it is somewhere I would want to vacation in my first life.  My inspiration is usually based on a vacation I took to Playa del Carmen years ago.  It remains my favorite non Disney vacation to this day.  The resort was amazing, the food was amazing…I mean fresh pineapple was available 24/7.  You just can’t beat that!!  Yes, I know I could cut some up at home and have it 24/7 for as long as it lasted but something tells me that wouldn’t quite feel like the same thing!  LOL  I hope you are enjoying all of fun summery photos being done by Second Life’s talented bloggers and photographers.  I know I am.

Today I am blogging the Beachcomber Bar set from Crate.  The set consists of the bar, chair, planted palm and board rack, which I am showing off as a wall display.  The pieces are sold as a set or individually and you can find it at The Liaison Collaborative.

I am also blogging some fun hair from Vanity Hair called Phases.  Phases is a braided updo with  a headband.  You get a rigged and a resize version and there is a texture hud for the headband.  This is super fun summer hair and I admit that I may have been feeling a bit like an updated Bo Derek from the 1979 movie “10”.  The Phases hair can also be found at The Liaison Collaborative.


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Vanity Hair  – Phases @ The Liaison Collaborative

Bikini – Fashionably Dead – Coin Bikini

Arm Cuff – Elle Boutique – Nissa Armband

Sunglasses – DM – Michele Sunglasses

Ring – Meva – Chantal Bento Rings

Earrings – [Fetch] – Hrund Earrings


Crate  @ The Liaison Collaborative

Beachcomber Bar Planted Palm
Beachcomber Bar Board Rack
Beachcomber Bar Chair
Beachcomber Bar

Duvet Day

*Poolside Fun Gacha*
Watermelon Floatie
Gazebo – RARE

Heart Garden Center – Wild Exotics Umbrella Palm


Lyrium Poses– The Crossing Series 2 – Pose #1


Boogie On Reggae Woman – Stevie Wonder

Boogie On Reggae Woman 4K

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