Sun & Succulents

Sun & Succulents 4K

Featuring ionic, [Krescendo] and Luc. Boutique

Succulents seem to be all the rage in Second Life right now and now I am wanting to add some to my first life patio!  I don’t know about you but I can just feel the heat coming off the brick and stone here.  It’s like the kind of spot you would want to sit and warm up after you leave a building that has their AC on a little to high.

My husband likes the temperature in our house colder than I do but considering this is Alabama, all I have to do is go sit on the patio for a few minutes and I am all warmed up.  I don’t have great feeling in my feet, thanks to the everlasting gift that chemo is, and once my feet feel cold it takes forever for them to feel warm again.  In the summer I can fix that by going out and standing on the walkway stones to let the heat from them soak in.  In the winter nothing but a soak in a hot bath will warm them up.  So here’s to warm stones, warm feet and sunny succulents!

Today I am blogging the Granada Set from Krescendo.  The set includes the chair and table with decor and comes in Adult and Pg versions.  It also includes a texture hud with 14 fabric options on the chair pillow.  The Granada Set is available now at Access.

I am also blogging two of the common backdrops that are in ionic’s Scenes gacha at Equal10.  I absolutely love them!  They all have gorgeous details and textures.  There are 10 commons, all beautiful, and one rare.  Be sure to check them out.  I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do.

Last but certainly not least, because they are the inspiration for this picture title, are these Modular City Succulents from Luc. Boutique.  I love how they perfectly matched my backdrops in texture and design, right down to the staircases.  There are 4 different styles that you can place individually or create a larger display by placing them together.  You can find these planters at Equal10.



Luc. Boutique @ Equal10

Modular City Succulents V2
Modular City Succulents V3

ionic @ Equal10

*Scenes Gacha*
Ibiza 1
Ronda 5

[Krescendo]  @ Access

Granada Chair
Granada Table


Kalgoorlie Outdoor Sink
Lusitania by Annan Adored . Portuguese Guitar
String of Pearls – Yellow
Summer Vases . Type A
Summer Vases . Type B
Summer Vases . Type C


Get Inspired! – Potted Succulent 1
Get Inspired! – Potted Succulent 2


[Sunrise] Succulent Ceramic Hangers
[Uber] Birthday Macrame 2

Fancy Decor – Potted Succulent

Heart Garden Center – Window Boxes – Geraniums Ivy (modified)

{vespertine} – Rainbow Succulent Bowl

MINIMAL – Cuba Car #11 (gacha item)

Sun & Succulents 4K

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