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Good Morning World 4K

Featuring Vinyl Apparel

Most mornings I am definitely a morning person.  I wake up easy and I wake up chipper.  There are those rare occasions where I can’t seem to snap out of it without coffee though.  I do usually have a little coffee every morning but mostly because I like it…not because I need it to wake up.  My hubby doesn’t even need to use his alarm.  When the sun starts shining through my window it’s like a natural alarm clock to me.  If it’s raining though all bets are off!

It looks like today is a beautiful day in Second Life today.  The sun is shining, the coffee is brewing and pancakes and croissants are waiting. Rise and shine!

Today I am blogging a new release from Vinyl Apparel.  This “delicious” combo has a name to match as well.  I am wearing the Cream Boyshorts & Belt with the Ganache Lace Bodysuit. You can wear the bodysuit alone or with the shorts and both have texture options for the lace/trim/straps.  The pieces are sold separately and are available at Equal10.  Grab your coffee and head on over!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Tram  – G0303

Bodysuit – Vinyl– Ganache Bodysuit @ Equal10

Shorts – Vinyl– Cream Boyshorts & Belt @ Equal10


{What Next}

Colonna Chalkboard
Colonna Sideboard – Wood


Gipsy Chair
Gipsy Table

Dust Bunny – Spotted Begonia

{vespertine} – Fresh Baked Croissants

Kalopsia – Sassy Frame AM – Get it Girl

Heart Garden Center

Wild Exotics – Mother-in-law’s Tongue – Potted
Wild Exotics – Snake Plant – Potted 2
Window Boxes – Geraniums Ivy

Just Animals – Calico Cat Paw Lick

Apple Fall

West Village Eleanora Tallboy Dresser
West Village Pancake Breakfast Board

The Little Branch

Bougainvillea V2
Moon Flower Tree

Tentacio – Good Morning Box


FOXCITY – Neighbourhood Photo Booth


Infiniti– Wander – Pose 6

Good Morning World 4K

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