Summer Madness

Summer Madness

Featuring PosEd Poses

If you read my blog you know I talk about being a few days ahead with completed posts!  Not so today!  While I did finish the photo yesterday I am doing the write up now (7:45 AM Central to be exact.) We (my hubby, step-son and myself) had a full weekend of killing zombies in DayZ and exploring the map.  It was fun but now I feel like I am behind even though I’m not.

I have a bunch of shopping I want to do in Second Life.  I still haven’t been to Access and Summerfest is calling loudly.  My hubby is actually working 3 days this week so that will give me some time to get ahead again and get my shopping fix.  Add in the other first life projects we are working on and the summer madness has definitely begun!

Today I am blogging the Time for a Break pose from PosEd Poses.  How appropriate! The pose comes with a chair prop (not shown here) as well as the individual pose animation.

This is also a sneak peek of an upcoming post featuring the Marli Deck Chair from MudHoney.  I have a scene set up for it but it worked perfect for this pose.  More details on the chair very soon!  On to the credits and then coffee.  Happy Monday!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair –  Doux – Marie

Swimsuit – Dead Dollz – Silene Swimsuit

Earrings – Promagic – Sheesha Earrings

Sunglasses – KC Couture – Vogue Sunglasses


MudHoney – Marli Deck Chair @ Summerfest

DISORDERLY – Ice Cold Summer – Bottle Bucket

Lyrium Poses – Flip Flops (Included with Seashore Scene & Pose Series)


PosEd Poses – Time for a Break


Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness

*Photo taken at private residence*

Summer Madness

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