Sky Above, Sand Below, Peace Within

Sky Above, Sand Below, Peace Within 4K

Featuring MudHoney and The Little Branch

I was very much reminded of my trips to Ft. Myers Beach while working on this photo.  It’s been too long since I have been and I miss it.  My best memory was spending the day at Bowditch Point Beach.  It was so calm and peaceful.  We stayed until the tide came in and went back out.  It left tide pools full of little hermit crabs scurrying about.  I would love to go back but it would be bittersweet.  The little cottage that we always rented has been sold to folks who actually reside in it now and I would be hard-pressed to find a cuter place in as wonderful a location.  In reality, I’m sure I could find a location just as nice to make new memories in.  Now if I could just convince the sand fleas to leave my husband alone, I would be all set!

Today I am featuring the Marli Deck Chair from MudHoney.  I used it in a photo a couple of days ago because it was perfect for what I needed and as promised here is the full post on it.  It features texture change cushions and wood.  The cushions have 15 fabric options and the wood has 3 gorgeous textures.  The chairs are available at Summerfest.

I am also blogging the new Lipstick Palms from The Little Branch.  They can also be found at Summerfest.  The pack includes 4 different versions as well as some Snakeweed Grass and a sand beach formation (not shown here).  Summerfest is full of goodies this year.  Be sure to go check it out for all of your summer fashion and decor.



MudHoney – Marli Deck Chair @ Summerfest

The Little Branch  @ Summerfest

Lipstick Palm V1
Lipstick Palm V2
Lipstick Palm V3
Lipstick Palm V4
Snakeweed – Animated

Wild Hound Designs – Beach Seat Sand Castle


The Tide Is High – Blondie

Sky Above, Sand Below, Peace Within 4K

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