Refreshments In The Lobby

Refreshments In The Lobby

Featuring Serenity Style and The Little Branch

“Your room is almost ready and in the meantime please enjoy some refreshments in the lobby”.  Those words would be music to my ears right about now.  Usually (99% of the time), when I start a photo I have a very good idea of what the scene I am building is going to look like.  Not so with this photo.  It changed from a residential patio into a beautiful open air hotel lobby.  Once I changed gears I mentally planted myself in the middle of the space and thought about what would I like to see if I was about to check in and start my vacation.  Comfortable seating, a cold drink, tasty refreshments and of course you can’t forget the hotel brochure.  I have a thing for hotel brochures and bring one home any time a place I am staying has one.  They are a great visual reminder of the trip and some, like my Disney brochures and park maps, are fun to look back at or even refer to when planning another trip.  Why yes…yes I am easily entertained!  *Laughs*

What am I blogging today?  Well it all starts with a new sponsor, Serenity Style.  I am super excited to be on board their blogging team.  My first piece from Serenity Style goes all the way back to 2016 and it was an adorable child’s rocking chair.  The creator has been making my Second Life pretty for a while now!  Today I am featuring the Balearic Canopy.  It comes in Adult and PG versions and has copy/mod permissions.  This means with some simple editing skills you can change the color to match any setting…or you can leave it as I have in a nice, crisp white.  The canopy is available now at Uber.

I am also blogging some great new potted palms from The Little Branch.  I love when The Little Branch does something that we can use indoors and these palms are perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces.  The Potted Palms come in 2 different versions (sold separately) and you get 3 different color pot options in each each pack.  You can find the Potted Palms at Man Cave.



Serenity Style

Balearic Canopy @ Uber
Ezio Fountain

The Little Branch

Bougainvillea.v2 – Animated Multiflowers (modified)
Potted Palm.v1 Green @ Man Cave
Potted Palm.v2 Cyan @ Man Cave

Aphrodite Shop

The Silver Seahorse Old Deco Lanterns

Fancy Decor

Julian Bowl of Limes
Julian Champagne Flute
Julian Decanter
Julian Ice Bucket (gold)
Julian Straws
Magazine Stacks

KraftWork – Kenoa Summer Shelter (modified)

 Las Islas  – Naimesh Hibiscus

LOFT & ARIA – Wanderlust Decorative Suitcase (gacha item)

Soy. – Spread Magazine

Sway’s – [Leila] Fruits on Cutting Board

Trompe Loeil

Valiano Bistro Chair Copper
Valiano Bistro Table Copper Top

Breaux Willow – Tsukareru Skybox – Tea Table RARE

Dust Bunny – Conch Shell Planter

Hive – Painted Seahorse Decor

{vespertine} – Summertime Fruit Platter

{What Next}

Border Rug (natural) – small
Capri Rug (natural) – small
Lemonade Dispenser

Refreshments In The Lobby

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