Hot Fun In The Summertime

Hot Fun In The Summertime 4K

Featuring {Old Barn Door}

Rise and shine everyone!  The beach awaits….at least in Second Life.  Myself, I would still be steering clear of any beaches if I lived near one.  In Second Life though we have a wide selection of beautiful beaches to choose from.  In fact we have a wide selection of several beautiful places to choose from.  Just check out that destination guide for whatever it is that interests you and you are sure to find many sims to explore.  Today I will most likely watch Jaws as it is sort of a 4th of July weekend tradition for me.  Thankfully many of the Second Life beaches are free from sharks…though I did get attacked by an electric eel once way back in my early days of Second Life!  It was pretty scary to my newbie self!  LOL  Carry on with your weekend and have a great day…free from sharks..and electric eels!

Today I am blogging this fun new Outdoor Beach Arcade from Old Barn Door.  Like all Old Barn Door releases this one is PACKED with details.  This is definitely a fun place to spend the day.  The beach, snacks, drinks and classic video games!  What more could you ask for?  You can see the Outdoor Beach Arcade in-world and check out all the details for yourself!  Ready player one!



{Old Barn Door}

{OBD} Adirondak Chair [A] [Blue]
{OBD} Adirondak Chair [A] [Green]
{OBD} Adirondak Side Table
{OBD} Aloe Plant
{OBD} Bar Stool 1
{OBD} Bar Stool 2
{OBD} Bar Stool 3
{OBD} Beach Plant 1
{OBD} Beach Plant 2
{OBD} Beach Shower 1
{OBD} Beach Shower 2
{OBD} Coral Coast Beach Ball
{OBD} Gumball Machine
{OBD} Ice Cream Vending Machine
{OBD} Lips Neon Sign
{OBD} Marvel Arcade Game
{OBD} Mortal Combat Arcade Game
{OBD} Open Sign
{OBD} Outdoor Beach Arcade
{OBD} Outdoor Beach Arcade [A] Rezzer
{OBD} Outdoor Beach Bar Lights
{OBD} Outdoor Beach Light
{OBD} Outdoor Beach Menu
{OBD} Pac Man Arcade Game
{OBD} Paperboy Arcade Game
{OBD} Resident Evil Arcade Game
{OBD} Snack Vending Machine
{OBD} Soda Vending Machine
{OBD} Surf Boad Rack
{OBD} Surf Stool 1
{OBD} Surf Stool 2
{OBD} Surfboard Table

+Half-Deer+ – Melted Ice Cream Pint – Strawberry

.peaches. – Coira’s Summer Bash Noodle Pile

Doe – Land Shark – Mermaid Scales RARE

Mesh Plants – Frangipani Rubra – Apricot

The Little Branch

Buffalograss – Animated
Crispy Grass – Animated

Las Islas

LasIslas Naimesh Naupaka C Grass
LasIslas Naimesh Naupaka C Grass Double
LasIslas Naimesh Naupaka I Animated

Studio Skye

Skye Twin Palm 1
Skye Twin Palm 2

Fourth Wall

Multi-Texture Rock 04 (Sandy)
Multi-Texture Rock 06 (Sandy)


Sly & the Family Stone – Hot Fun in the Summertime

Hot Fun In The Summertime 4K

2 thoughts on “Hot Fun In The Summertime”

    1. Oh, I love the beach! Unfortunately the closest one is a 6 hour drive and a popular tourist area. As a cancer survivor my immune system is compromised so I am not taking any chances with the coronavirus. I will return when that is under control here in the southern USA. Glad you get to enjoy yours!


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