Somewhere In Italy

Somewhere In Italy Final

Featuring ionic

This photo totally got me in the mood to watch Under The Tuscan Sun.  I love that movie but didn’t own it…until now.  I am actually watching it as I write up these credits.

Today I am blogging a beautiful and obviously inspiring gacha set from ionic.  The Mediterraneo set consists of 10 commons and one rare.  Everything is beautifully textured with an attention to detail from the hanging onions to the tray of bread with tomato.  What a treat!  You can find the gacha at the mainstore.

On a side note I want to give a shout out to LOVE.  I found LOVE at the Second Life Birthday event and bought some great landscaping things…for 50L each set.  I am so happy with them and took a moment to let the creator know and she was so sweet!  I just know your SL needs more LOVE.  Find her at the event or check out the marketplace or in world store!

I will leave you with the credits while I go enjoy my movie and a glass of wine! Salute!




El te de la tarde
Crema de zanahoria y calabaza
Fuente de Primavera 5
Huevos, cebollas, cazos y ollas
Mediterraneo RARE
Mesa Mediterranea
Pa amb tomaquet
Pasta Casera
Puerta al jardin


Fluffball Grass
Grass Border 1
Texture Change Cypress Tree
Texture Change Cypress Tree & Lights – Breezy
Young Birch – 2 Trees

[we’re CLOSED]

Pillow Stool 1 Sand
Pillow Stool 2 Sand

Somewhere In Italy Final

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