I’m Bringing Home A Baby Bumble Bee

I'm Bringing Home A Baby Bumblebee 4K

Featuring [Krescendo], ZK Store and Lyrium Poses

I’m sure you all remember that little song from our childhoods.  You know that saying “it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt”, right?  Well that is basically the moral of that little song.  The child is excited to find a bumble bee and take it home to his proud mother but once he gets stung there is squishing of the bee involved, followed by licking up the bee and then throwing up the bee…gross.  What kind of kids song is that anyway!

Funny story before I get to the credits.  I was debating on leaving the bumble bee on my leg and called my husband in to give his opinion.  Well, before I could say anything he said “You have a fly on your screen” and then we had a good laugh.  So that sealed the deal.  The bumble bee stayed because of the memory he gave us.

Today I am blogging one of three new spring panels from Krescendo.  This one is aptly named Hive and the others are Woods and Leaves.  They include a hud that allows you to change the wood color and the background color.  The Spring Panels are available at Black Fair.  The cafe sign is also from Krescendo and is one of 12 signs in the Dallas Signs gacha.  You can find the gacha at the main store.

My outfit and sunglasses are from ZK Store.  Pairing the new with the old here, my outfit is an older release but perfect for summer.  The Carry Oufit is all one piece and you can change the top color, shorts color and belt color all individually so there are a lot of mix and match options.  The Little Liar Sunglasses are one of two styles that are available at The Liaison Collaborative.  Not only are they fashionable but they are ANIMATED!  Yes, that’s right.  Each pair includes a hud with color options for the frame and lens but there is also an animation hud that will have your avi moving the glasses from their eyes and placing them on your head or taking them off and playing with them in their hand a bit before placing them back on your face.  Super cute and I haven’t seen anything like them in Second Life.

My pose is from Lyrium Poses.  This one comes from the Bree Series that includes 5 poses and their mirrors.  There is a mix of sitting and standing poses that are cute, casual and chill for summer.  You can find the Bree Series at the main store.


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Truth  – Destiny

Glasses – ZK Store – Little Liar Sunglasses – Fashion @ The Liaison Collaborative

Outfit – ZK Store – Carry Outfit

Jewelry – BEO – Summer Earrings & Necklace

Bag – REIGN. – Issa Macrame Bag @ Collabor88



Spring Panel – Hive @ Black Fair
Dallas Signs Gacha – #8 Bee

Bad Katz – Animated Bee


Lyrium Poses – Bree Series – Pose 5

I'm Bringing Home A Baby Bumblebee 4K

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