Life Along The Shore

Life Along The Shore 4K

Featuring |T|L|C| Home Collection

The Sandpiper

At the edge of tide
He stops to wonder,
Races through
The lace of thunder.

On toothpick legs
Swift and brittle,
He runs and pipes
And his voice is little.

But small or not,
He has a notion
To outshout
The Atlantic Ocean.

-Frances Frost



|T|L|C| Home Collection @ Cosmopolitan

Stilt Sandpiper [ Adult 2]
Stilt Sandpiper [Adult 1]
Stilt Sandpiper [Breeding]
Stilt Sandpiper [Juvenile]

Studio Skye

Skye Beach Grass
Skye Log Bridge (bleached)
Skye Pebble Beach 5 Straight Concave
Skye Water
Skye Wild Grass Type 4 dry

*OLD WORLD*–  Bird’s Nest (modified)

Life Along The Shore 4K


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