Vineyard Bed & Breakfast

Vineyard Bed & Breakfast 4K

Featuring DaD Virtual Living, ionic and The Little Branch

So I have been itching to blog this house from DaD Virtual Living!  Why?  Well, if you read my blog you know I did a picture about a week and a half ago that was titled Somewhere In Italy.  I talked about it reminding me of the movie Under the Tuscan Sun which I then watched twice over the next two days.  Well lo and behold if DaD Virtual Living didn’t then release this house called Positano Farmhouse.  Well, if you have seen the movie you know that when the lead character, Frances, meets Marcello, Positano is the place they head off to.  they head off to Positano where they have Limoncello on the beach and she finds a kitten….among other things..mainly her “groove”.  All of that being said, I knew I wanted to do another Italy inspired photo but thought I would give it a few days so I didn’t bore anyone with my love of the movie and it’s setting.  So here it is!

I am also featuring another gorgeous gacha set from ionic and a lovely new tree from The Little Branch.  Check the credits for all of the details and have a great weekend!



DaD Virtual Living – Positano Farmhouse @ FaMESHed


*ionic* Wooden Bridge
*ionic* Dinner is ready!
*ionic* Rural Bench
*ionic* Rural Bunk Bed {blankets}
*ionic* Rural Bunk Bed {simple}
*ionic* Rural Hostel Counter
*ionic* Rural Hostel info
*ionic* Rural Kitchen
*ionic* Rural Table
*ionic* Traveler’s Backpack
*ionic* Trunks & Lights
*ionic* Walking Stick

LOVE – Mixed Wildflowers

220ML – Gouveia Wine Bottle and Wine Glasses

Apple Fall

Apple Fall Stacked Round Baskets
Apple Fall Tobacco Basket

The Little Branch

Italian Cypress
Orange Tree Espalier @ Equal10

Studio Skye

Skye Gnarled Cherry
Welcome Sign *included with Rustic Fence Set*


Dirt Road – dark brown
Garden Tree08 – green a

Just Animals

Calico Cat Paw Lick
Calico Cat Sitting

Botanical – Sunflowers

Outside The Box! – Interactive Grape Vine

Vineyard Bed & Breakfast 4K

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