I Spy Something Blue

I Spy Something Blue 4K

Featuring Serenity Style

Advice From A Peacock

Stand out
Be a colorful character
Love boldly
Bring joy to others
Turn heads
Strut your stuff!

Last call, last call.  Hurry over to Serenity Style for your last chance at the Lost Dreams 50% Week Market.  The featured item at Serenity Style is the Wooden Beach Path.  The path includes various shapes including steps and is color changable on touch.  Be sure to check out the other stores on the sim for their 50% off items also.  The sale ends tomorrow so run if you want to snap up the goods!



Serenity Style

Fisherman Outhouse
Wooden Path *On Sale*

|T|L|C| Home Collection – Male Peacock – Tail Down

Studio Skye

Rustic Fence
Skye Enchanted Woods v3

LOVE – Sunshine Meadow

Heart Garden Center

Heart – Aubretia – Blue
Heart – Aubretia – White
Heart – WildFlowers – Foxgloves – Blue
Heart – WildFlowers – Foxgloves – White

I Spy Something Blue 4K

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