Polar Bear Plunge – Escape The Heat

Polar Bear Plunge 4K

Featuring The Little Branch and MudHoney

The saying “you learn something new everyday” certainly is true.  After spreading 30 bags of mulch in 105+ heat index weather, this was pretty much all I could think about….ice cold water.  I couldn’t even get the shower as cold as I wanted without it actually turning off.  That is one thing I miss about my well in Michigan.  That water was always icy cold!  So the thing I learned after doing a little bit of Google searching is that the USA is not the only country that participates in these swims, dives and dips into icy cold water.  Other countries that do similar plunges are New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands and South Korea to name a few.  I’m sure the actual polar bears are somewhere wondering what all the fuss is about!

Today I am featuring a new tree from The Little Branch and a new VIP gift from MudHoney.  You can find info and landmarks in the credits.  Hope you have an ice cold day…something we would only dare to think of saying in the heat of summer!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Entwined  – Nina

Bikini – SAUVAGE – Selena (no longer available)


The Little Branch

Crabapple Tree.v2{Animated} 2 @ Man Cave
Crispy Grass{Animated} – Included with Crabapple Tree

MudHoney – Chubby Snowman VIP Gift

|T|L|C| Home Collection – Red Cardinal

Jian – St. Bernards #10 Polar Bear Wanderer

Studio Skye – Ice Sheets & Forms Set

Botanical – Douglas Fir

HPMD – Cliff Hills – Snow

 [Rezz Room] – Snowshoes (gacha item)

ArchiTech – Winter Shrub Red Berries

Blueberry – Puffer Coat (modified)


Fashiowl Poses – Indoor Pool #16

Polar Bear Plunge 4K

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