Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy 4KPG

Featuring ZK Store and [Krescendo]

Looking back on the boys that I dated (Ooh)
All the popular boys overrated (Ooh)
Give me brains, money bags, if he’s ancient
I’m a young lady taking donations (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
CEO, might take me on trips (On trips)
Pack a suit, might have a few ships (Few ships)
Love a waitress chasin’ them tips (Them tips)
But I’m a escort, countin’ his chips

Qveen Herby – Sugar Daddy

Sugar daddy?  Nope, don’t want one..don’t need one…but this song started auto playing on YouTube after a playlist I was listening to ended and I had to change screens just to see the video.  It’s pretty funny actually and I just wasn’t expecting a white, mid 30’s women to be singing but she now has a new fan.  Apparently her husband, who is also the director and producer, filmed this in their loft during this whole Covid mess.  I’m sure that was a fun way to relieve some of the boredom!   Anyway, I thought the song went will with the photo since I am featuring the Bad Babe gacha from Krescendo.

The Bad Babe gacha is available at the Kinky Event and has 19 different pieces.  They come in different colors too so in total there are actually 43 commons and 2 rares.  Lots to mix and match!

I am also featuring the Zelie bodysuit from ZK Store.  The bodysuit comes in eight colors and includes a hud with color options for the bow.  The fatpack features 22 colors!  You can find the Zelie bodysuit at the current round of Cosmopolitan.


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Magika  – Sunrise

Bodysuit –  ZK Store  – Zelie Lingerie Suit @ Cosmopolitan

Necklace – Narcisse – Edith Choker

Ring – Amacci – Zappi Ring

Earrings – [VEX] – Diamond Studs


[Krescendo]  @ Kinky Event

Body Candle – Black
Body Candle – Pink
Heart Rug – Black
Locker – Black – RARE
Mirror – Black
Naughty Candles – Black
Payphone – Black
Peach Neon
Pictures – Black
Polaroid Camera – Black
Polaroid Pile
Princess Plate
Spoiled Plate
Table – Black
Typewriter – Black

hive – Hanging Bougainvillea Plant Pink

unKindness – Imagine Bookshelf


Diversion – Humble #4

Sugar Daddy 4KPG


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