Pull Up A Chair

Pull Up A Chair 4K1

Featuring Soul2Soul, DaD Virtual Living, Luc. Boutique and Serenity Style

Even though I am starting to feel the itch of Autumn, I am still loving the summer photos, both fashion and decor.  It’s still in the upper 80’s and 90’s here in Alabama so it definitely still feels like summer!  I finally turned our sprinkler system on but am lucky I made it to August before having to do so.  I have also been overwhelmed by baby birds learning to fly…or rather, overwhelmed by keeping my dogs from trying to get the baby birds that are learning to fly.  So far there have been no casualties…birds or dogs! *Laughs*  I have a lot of goodies to tell you about so let me get on with it.

Soul2Soul has a lovely new boho set out at The Liaison Collaborative.  The BohoChic Sofa Set can be purchased as a complete set for a discount or in individual packs.  The sofa and rug have texture change options and the sofa has bento animations for singles, couples and friends.  The textures are just gorgeous!

From DaD Virtual Living comes the Driftwood Sailboat gacha.  There are 10 commons and 2 rares and some are designed to hang on a ring and others are table top decor.  The rares are adorned with lights, seashells and starfish.  The sails on the commons come in muted shades of green, blue and red.  The Driftwood Sailboat gacha is at Anthem, open now through August 28th.

Next up is the Madame Vase from Luc. Boutique.  There is a charming backstory behind the series of vases that were designed to celebrate women.  You can read that snippet on the Flickr photo here.  I love when creators share stories and snippets like this.  The Madame Vase comes in four different designs and is texture change as well.  You get them all with one purchase.  They are available at Kustom9 which ends on the 10th so hurry over and take a look!  Congrats to Lucas Lameth on his first entry into Kustom9 as well.  Well done!

Rounding out my featured items are the Noah Shelves from Serenity Style.  The shelves come in a dark version as shown here as well as a light version. The lovely and detailed decor is included and comes as shown.  You can find the Noah Shelves in the main store.



Soul2Soul @ The Liaison Collaborative

BohoChic Books
BohoChic Coffee Table
BohoChic Rug Boho
BohoChic Sofa
BohoChic Vase

DaD Virtual Living @ Anthem

DaD “Driftwood Sailboat RARE 01”
DaD “Driftwood Sailboat RARE 02”
DaD “Driftwood Sailboat 04”
DaD “Driftwood Sailboat 05

Luc. Boutique – Madame Vase – Meditate @ Kustom9

Serenity Style – Noah Shelves – Dark

Granola– Indigo Wind Chime – Copper

The Little Branch  – Calathea Ornata

HPMD – Garden Vine 02 Pink

Dust Bunny – Paradise Plants Pineapple Plant @ FaMESHed

Trompe Loeil – Romy Cay Chair

THOR – Turkish Coffee (gacha item)

Scarlet Creative  – Oceania Beach House

Pull Up A Chair 4K1


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