Down On The Bayou

Down On The Bayou 4K

Featuring {Old Barn Door}

Louisiana Bayou Song

Sometimes on the bauou in Louisiana
a storm rolls in quickly –
Cypress trees
sway to the sound.

Sometimes on a quiet day
when the sun is high and hot
a heron happens by –
The bayou slows to the beat of his wading.

The song of the bayou
can be as fast and frenetic as a Zydeco two-step
or as soft and slow as a Cajun waltz –
The bayou sings a song to me.

– Margaret Simon

Today I am featuring another adorable cottage from {Old Barn Door}.  This one is the Darling Cottage and it is true to its name…Darling!  You actually get two versions, one made to sit on the ground and one with a little dock if you want to use it near near a lake or beach…or even the bayou as I have done here.  It comes with a bunch of decor pieces (not all shown here) and it is all copy and mod.  You can see the Darling Cottage at Old Barn Door’s remote location (landmark below) and read about all of the features in the marketplace listing here.



{Old Barn Door}

{{OBD} Darling Cottage W/ Dock
{OBD} Darling Doormat
{OBD} Darling Flower Box
{OBD} Darling Ceiling Fan


Animated Bobbing Gator
Blue Heron
Boat Wreck
Cliff Face – Crag
Creeping Vine Water Cover
Deep Mossy Log Path
Old Buoy
Root Vine Water Cover
Sleeping Gator
Swapm Ferns
Swamp Tree
Travellers Rest Comfy Chair
Weed Water Cover – Animated
Wisteria Canopy Pink (color modified)

Apple Fall – Apple Fall Times Newspaper


Tab Benoit- Jambalaya

Down On The Bayou 4K

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