Picnic Serenade

Picnic Serenade 4K

Featuring Serenity Style and The Little Branch


Again I find myself moving slowly away from bikini’s and sand and moving towards orange and pink skies and color changing foliage.  I am ready for a nice picnic too.  It is still in the upper 80’s/low 90’s here in the southern US and that is too hot for picnicing! We are in desperate need of rain also.  When it does come it usually misses my neighborhood.  I see thunder and lightening in the distance and wish it would come my way just in time for a nice nap…but no such luck.  So until the rain and the picnic weather arrive I will be enjoying the weather in Second Life…where you can always find exactly what you’re looking for.



Serenity Style 

Serenity Style – Anoka Swing Bench @ UniK
Serenity Style – Wooden Beach Path Pole

The Little Branch @ The Liaison Collaborative

Birch Espalier {4Seasons}*Animated
Crispy Grass {Animated}*Seasons*Soft

|T|L|C| Home Collection – Swan Swimming

CHEZ MOI – Classic Picnic Basket

KraftWork – Lusitania by Annan Adored . Portuguese Guitar

Heart Garden CenterWildFlowers – Foxgloves

.:revival:. – Sisal Rug

Nerenzo – Rowboat & Oars

Picnic Serenade 4K

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