Couples Retreat


Couples Retreat 4KFeaturing MudHoney

So this looks like a nice romantic way to spend some quality time with your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend, doesn’t it?  Well I am sure it is but after I picked the name for this post I got sidetracked…again…thank you YouTube.  I don’t know if you have ever seen the movie by the same name, Couples Retreat, but it is one of my top 3 comedies.  It stars Vince Vaughn, who I love, who with his wife and other friends, go on “vacation”.  One couple wants to work on their relationship and the others just want to have a good time.  There are SO many scenes that I could watch over and over but I have picked a favorite and will include the link below.  You simply must see it if you haven’t already!

Today I am featuring a great new hot tub from MudHoney.  The Landon Hot Tub comes in PG and Adult versions and it has all of the bells and whistles you would want in a hot tub.  There are working jets, steam, lights, cuddles and adult animations and it seats up to four avatars.  You will find it at FaMESHed X.  I have also used items from MudHoney’s Pax Massage Gacha to complete the scene.  Check out the details below so you can recreate your own couple retreat…and WATCH the clip!  It’s too good not to share!




MudHoney Landon Hot Tub @ FaMESHed X
MudHoney Pax Aroma Bowl
MudHoney Pax Body Scrubs
MudHoney Pax Cart
MudHoney Pax Chill Wall Art
MudHoney Pax Essential Oils
MudHoney Pax Folded Towel
MudHoney Pax Incense
MudHoney Pax Massage Table RARE
MudHoney Pax Massage Tray
MudHoney Pax Moisturizers
MudHoney Pax Oil Sprays
MudHoney Pax Oils 1
MudHoney Pax Oils 2
MudHoney Pax Rolled Towels
MudHoney Pax Salt Candle 1
MudHoney Pax Salt Candle 2
MudHoney Pax Salt Candle 3
MudHoney Pax Sink
MudHoney Pax Stone Tray
MudHoney Pax Stone Warmer
MudHoney Pax Stool
MudHoney Pax Towel Stack
MudHoney Pax Vanity
MudHoney Relaxed Shades

Apple Fall – Tribal Print Rug

BackBone – Palm Plant (black)

Fancy Decor

Julian Books & Flask
Rameau Mirror

Heart Garden Center – Window Boxes – Geraniums Ivy

Junk Food – Champagne Flute

Refuge – Spark Lamp Static Gold

Serenity Style – Refuge Slippers Decor

[-BLUE SKY-] Garden Vase – Black (Flowers)

[Krescendo] – Amour – Champagne Bucket – Silver

Barnesworth Anubis Fabienne Pied-a-Tierre Skybox (modified)

Dust Bunny

Potted Cheese Plant
Potted Palm

Your Laugh For The Day

Couples Retreat Movie Clip – The Circle of Life

Couples Retreat 4K


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