The Color of Summer

The Color of Summer 4K

Featuring {Old Barn Door}

“A little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about!”

– John Mayer-

We have just over 30 days until the first day of fall but until then you can still celebrate summer in all its colorful glory with this new Athens Patio Set from Old Barn Door.  It is a complete set that includes the pergola with or without lights, lounge chairs, plants, drinks, a radio complete with a selection of songs, rug, table and more.  The pergola canopy and towels are full of texture change options.  The loungers are packed with single and couple animations with props.  You can find the Athens Patio Set at Old Barn Door’s remote location.  Just follow the stairs down to the water and take a peek!



{Old Barn Door}

{OBD} Athens Hanging Plant
{OBD} Athens Lounger/Towel 1
{OBD} Athens Lounger/Towel 2
{OBD} Athens Pergola w/ Lights
{OBD} Athens Pina Colada 1
{OBD} Athens Plant
{OBD} Athens Plant Wall
{OBD} Athens Platform
{OBD} Athens Radio [Blue]
{OBD} Athens Rug 1
{OBD} Athens Sex on the Beach
{OBD} Athens Table
{OBD} Suntan Lotion

{OBD} Baywatch Binoculars (included with Baywatch Bundle)
{OBD} Lifeguard Buoy [Decor] (included with Baywatch Bundle)

{OBD} Coral Coast Beach Ball (included with Coral Coast Bento Pool Set)
{OBD} Coral Coast Flamingo Float (included with Coral Coast Bento Pool Set)
{OBD} Coral Coast Pool Floats (included with Coral Coast Bento Pool Set)


Granola. Salt Water Cooler Dispenser. Watermelon.
Granola. Salt Water Monstera Float.

+Half-Deer+ – Carefree Bikini Clutter – Floor Bra

DaD Virtual Living – “Positano beaded curtain”

KraftWork – Fish Mobile

Las Islas – Naimesh Hibiscus

RODEX – Gift Watergun – Orange

Dust Bunny   Volleyball Net


John Mayer – Wildfire

The Color of Summer 4K

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