Cop A Squat

Featuring ionic

Keeping this short and sweet this morning as I have a lot of little things to get done before my company arrives.  This will be my last post until the 31st…give or take a day on either side of that.

Today I am featuring a new gacha set from ionic.  This is the Chill Out gacha and it is available at Equal10.  There are 13 commons and one rare.  The pieces can all work independantly of each other so no need to worry about ending up with pieces you can’t use.

And with that I am off to enjoy my “staycation”.  See you later gator!



ionic @ Equal10

ionic : Chill Out – Table & Seating (for 2)
ionic : Chill Out – Table & Seating (for 3)
ionic : Chill Out – RARE
ionic : Color Candles
ionic : Creatures From the Sea – (hanging plants)
ionic : Geometry Balance – Plant
ionic : Minimalist Background
ionic : Monstera Deliciosa
ionic : Painted plant – magenta
ionic : Painted plant – orange
ionic : Painted plant – yellow
ionic : Plaster Bookshelf
ionic : Wooden Geometrical Shelf

pr!tty – Boho Stacked Rugs

KraftWork – Tuscany 1969 Food Tray Beige

DaD Virtual Living – Climbing Ivy

Dust Bunny – Tropical Delights – Chicken Wraps

{vespertine} – Summertime Fruit Platter


Fruit Snack
Raspberry Drink

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