Leather…It’s Not Just For Saddles

Featuring Avec Toi and |T|L|C| Home Collection

Hello everyone…I’m back!  I was able to work on this one as I had time over the past week and am ready to get back to posting.  The first of the month is going to a busy blogging time because with September comes another round of Pose Fair in addition to my usual commitments.  No need to dilly dally!

Long story short (and trust me the long story is ugly),  I am back a bit early because my bonus daughter brought her dog down with her and of course my dogs wanted no part of him.  It made for a stressful situation trying to keep them separated.  My bonus son went back with her after being here for an extended summer break and so once again, it’s just the hubby and I with the house to ourselves….well, he and I and the two furbabies.  I was sad to see them go early considering the lovely two week visit we had when she came down in May and despite trying to make lemonade out of lemons I think we just ended up feeling squeezed, sticky and a little too sour.  *Laughs*  The house seems very quiet so I will just end my Blogotex “vacation” and get back to it!

Today I am blogging the new release from Avec Toi.  I am wearing the Reckless Pants and Reckless Corset.  The pieces are sold seperately, come in a huge choice of colors and are available at Uber.  This round of Uber is also a gift round so you can also pick up my Reckless Choker as a gift from Avec Toi.

I am also featuring a new Animesh Companion Cat from |T|L|C| Home Collection.  The Animesh Companion Cat comes in a choice of color packs; Bengal, Burmese, Tabby and Black.  You can find these cute kitty friends at the main store.  That is the great thing about Second Life…all cats and dogs will get along great with each other! *Winks*


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – ELIKATIRA – Ellen

Corset – Avec Toi – Reckless Corset @ Uber

Pants –  Avec Toi – Reckless Pants @ Uber

Choker – Avec Toi – Reckless Choker @ Uber


|T|L|C| Home Collection – Animesh Companion Cat

DaD Virtual Living – Berkshire Stable

{Old Barn Door}

*From the Roll in the Hay Set*

Hay Bale
Wagon Wheel

Sky Farm – Saddle Floor Stand


Aspen Tree
Hay Groundcover

Heart Garden Center – Harmony Buffalo Grass


Le Poppycock – Bright Ideas Gacha – Natural Instinct

*Sugarcube is just a square prim*

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