Featuring Raindale, Simple Reflections, Izzie’s, Rise Design, Diversion Poses and Ananas

So I’m just going to go ahead and say it!  I LOVE how this picture came out…especially since this is far from my usual style but I was really inspired and quite surprised how this all came together so easily.  Even the windlight cooperated and the first one I chose worked perfectly.  

My husband and I have been binge watching the Alone series on the History Channel so I was in the perfect frame of mind to work on this photo and of course the show inspired the title of this post.  I give those folks a lot of credit though!  The first time I even thought about having to eat a slug/frog/grub/otherdisgustingthinghere, I would be pulling out my little walkie talkie and saying “Come get me!  I hear a steak calling my name!”

Everything I am featuring is available at The Liaison Collaborative and this is a perfect example of how well things work together when creators stick to the theme of the event. All of my featured items work perfectly together.  The theme for this round is APOC and there is a bunch of great stuff!  Get out there and get creative…before the world ends….the apocalypse is real you know….maybe?  Probably?  


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Kuni – Minha

Top – *SK* – Brizna Leather Vest

Pants – *SK* – Brizna Pants (Belts included)

Earrings – Rise Design – Jadis Earrings @ The Liaison Collaborative

Armband – Rise Design – Jadis Armband @ The Liaison Collaborative

Mask – Ananas – Nature’s Mask @ The Liaison Collaborative

Face Wounds – Izzie’s – Apocalypse Face Wounds (BOM) @ The Liaison Collaborative


Raindale – Withervale Shelter @ The Liaison Collaborative

Simple Reflections – Burning Barrel @ The Liaison Collaborative

Trompe Loeil – Kenna Cot

The Little Branch – Wild Grass Dry


Diversion – Apocalypse Poses – Pose 4 @ The Liaison Collaborative

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