Dinner Iz Served Hooman

Featuring Luc. Boutique, MudHoney and NinaX

If you own a dog or cat I am sure you can relate to this photo.  I have had the occasional sandwich stolen while my back was turned and both of my dogs seem to think it’s ok for them to drink my soda if it is in the cup holder of the sofa.  Little rascals! 

Today I am featuring this amazingly realistic steak dinner from Luc. Boutique as well as the cute little babushka figurines.  This steak is just one of many of the food items Luc. Boutique has been creating and they make me hungry every time I look at them.  Simply delicious.

I am also featuring the Pantry Gacha from MudHoney which is currently at The Arcade.  There also a few items from previous releases from MudHoney.  All the details are in the credits.

Last but not least is the inspiration behind the photo and that is the WTF Bento Pose from NinaX.  You can find this fun post at Pose Fair.

Now off to enjoy the rest of the weekend!  Have a great one!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux  – Alana

Jeans – Tres Blah – Cuffed Jeans @ Collabor88

Shirt – Tres Blah – Slouch Tee @ Collabor88

Bracelet – EarthStones – Callie Bangle – Fresh


Luc. Boutique

(Luc.) Agnes the Babushka Figurine
(Luc.) Ethel the Babushka Figurine
(Luc.) Angus Beef Steak Sampler BENTO *messy one on floor has been modified*
(Luc.) Red Wine Goblet [decor]


MH Vintage Baking Pans Stacked – white
MH Vintage Casserole 1 – white
MH Vintage Casserole 2 – white
MH Vintage Casserole W/ Lid 1 – white
MH Vintage Casserole W/ Lid 2 – white
MH Vintage Plates L Stacked – white
MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Collanders
MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Pot Rack ULTRA RARE
*All Pantry Gacha items listed below are at The Arcade*
MudHoney Pantry Basket White 1
MudHoney Pantry Basket White 2
MudHoney Pantry Tall Shelves
MudHoney Pantry Floating Shelf
MudHoney Pantry Basket White 3
MudHoney Pantry Cannister Brown Sugar
MudHoney Pantry Cannister Chocolate
MudHoney Pantry Cannister Flour
MudHoney Pantry Cannister Nuts
MudHoney Pantry Cannister Oatmeal
MudHoney Pantry Cannister Popcorn
MudHoney Pantry Cannister Rice
MudHoney Pantry Cannister Sprinkles
MudHoney Pantry Cannister Sugar
MudHoney Pantry Cereal Cannister 1
MudHoney Pantry Cereal Cannister 2
MudHoney Pantry Crate 1
MudHoney Pantry Crate 2
MudHoney Pantry Drawer Cabinet
MudHoney Pantry Juice Bottles
MudHoney Pantry Noodles Cannister 1
MudHoney Pantry Noodles Cannister 2
MudHoney Pantry Oils
MudHoney Pantry Spice Rack
MudHoney Pantry Tin Cannister Short
MudHoney Pantry Tin Cannister Tall

Trompe Loeil

Trompe Loeil – Finley Kitchenette Stool
Trompe Loeil – Finley Kitchenette


Boston Terrier
Cheeky Chihuahuas #9


.Florix. Antique grocery stock can BREAD
.Florix. Antique grocery stock can CAKE

Ariskea – [Sunrise] Succulent Ceramic Hangers

DISORDERLY– Fresh Spring Lemon Centerpiece

+Half-Deer+ – Spilled Liquid (color modified)

Little Treasures – Fern Leaf Cactus

Zen Creations – Potted Plants


NinaX – WTF Bento Pose @  Pose Fair

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