Happiness is Homemade

Featuring ionic

It’s time to take off the Covid weight!  The craziness of these past 5 months is showing in places I don’t want it to show.  Now I am by no means a skinny minny.  I’m a big girl…tall with a little meat on her bones but I can really feel this extra weight and it doesn’t feel good.  I have decided to tackle it before it gets any more out of control.  I have been saving recipes for a while and have started going through them so I can make my shopping list.  The hubby is not really happy with the few changes I have made so far but I mean seriously….you can’t eat bacon every morning!!  Am I right!!?   

Needless to say, setting up this shot got me a little hungry.  The dishes all look so tasty and even have that lovely steam filling the room with delicious smells.  I mean my avatar can smell what’s going on inside my monitor…can’t she?  The Cocina de Meigas gacha from ionic can be found at Equal10.  

ionic  @ Equal10

ionic : Recetas de la abuela
ionic : Arroz meloso con tosta de queso
ionic : Crema de brocoli
ionic : Despensa de Meigas – RARE
ionic : Mesa de meigas
ionic : Pasta rellena
ionic : Patatas cebollas y tomates
ionic : Platano con miel
ionic : Preparando el postre
ionic : Salsa de setas del bosque

{Old Barn Door}

{OBD} Braided Rug
{OBD} Prairie Curtains – Red

{What Next} – ‘Patisserie’ Dish Drainer


24 – 8f8 – Trea Time – Teabloom Dandelion Set @  The Arcade
25 – 8f8 – Green Grocers – Market Trolley

Apple Fall – Straw Broom

Spargel & Shine

Bloomin Pink Sofa
Rug Shabby Multifloral

Botanical – T2C Aspen Tree

Heart Garden Center – Wild Flowers – Queen Ann’s Lace

KraftWork – Provence – Coffee Table

LISP  – Woodburner Noir

Plaaka – DriedFlowerHanger

Dust Bunny

Small Spaces Kitchen – Sink Cabinet
Small Spaces Kitchen – Vintage Stove


{vespertine} Potted Bay Leaf
{vespertine} Potted Herb Mix 2
{vespertine} Potted Parsley
{vespertine} Potted Thyme

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