Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed

Featuring PosEd Poses

Advice from a Squirrel

Plan ahead
Stay active
Spend time in the woods
Look both ways when you cross the road
Eat plenty of fiber
Go out on a limb
It’s ok to be a little nuts!

Today I am featuring a new subscriber/group gift from PosEd Poses.  Little Autumn Friends is a standing bento pose that includes the squirrels and pumpkin bucket.  Stop by the store and hit the subscriber kiosk and get yours today!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Truth  – Destiny

Dress/Sweater – Blueberry – So Cozy Corset Cardigan

Earrings – Rise Design – Claybrook Earrings @ Gems

Necklace – Rise Design – Claybrook Necklace @ Gems

Eyeshadow – Izzie’s – Summer Eyeshadows

Nails – e.marie – Nude/Mood Vibrant


Heart Garden Center – WILDWOOD Enchanted Autumn Path – Mixed


PosEd Poses – Little Autumn Friends – Group/Subscriber Gift

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