Long-Forgotten Places

Featuring Serenity Style and |T|L|C| Home Collection

As one by one the scents and sounds and names of
long-forgotten places come gradually back and beckon to us.

– Kenneth Grahame-

Today I am featuring more great Halloween themed items.  First up is this cute (and creepy) Animesh dog from |T|L|C| Home Collection.  In addition to the Animesh companion your also get static versions in the sitting and laying positions.  There is also a Mausoleum Doghouse in the set that I haven’t shown here but is perfect for all of your Halloween photos as well as decorating your Second Life home.  The Animesh Skeleton Dog can be found at Salem.

I am also featuring items from Serenity Style that will be coming out only in the special Halloween edition of Deco(c)rate.  It is the Byron Cemetery Set that includes several pieces…everything you’ll need to “liven” up the place…pun intended!  Pre-orders are happening NOW and this means you get the crate at 50% off the full price.  The crate features “a collection of 15 exclusive home and garden items from some of the best creators on the grid – and all 100% original mesh.”  The You have through September 30th to pre-order at the half off cost.  The crate will automatically deliver to you on October 1st at which point it will be on sale at full price.  Pre-order yours at the MadPea main store NOW!

I also want to give a shout out regarding the Byron Ruined Tower from DaD Virtual Living.  I have blogged it in the past but wanted to point out how well it works in a Halloween environment.  I also found it interesting that is shares the Byron name with the Serenity Style cemetery!  Creepy coincidence?  Mwaahaaahaaaahaaa!



|T|L|C| Home Collection @ Salem

TLC Skeleton Dog – Static Laying
TLC Skeleton Dog – Static Standing

Serenity Style for Deco(c)rate

Serenity Style- Byron Cemetery – Coffin Tomb 1
Serenity Style- Byron Cemetery – Coffin Tomb2
Serenity Style- Byron Cemetery – Cross Burial
Serenity Style- Byron Cemetery – Cross Tombstone
Serenity Style- Byron Cemetery – Tombstone 1
Serenity Style- Byron Cemetery Door -left
Serenity Style- Byron Cemetery Door -right
Serenity Style- Byron Cemetery Iron Fence
Serenity Style- Byron Cemetery Post
Serenity Style- Byron Cemetery Wall
Serenity Style- Byron Tombstone 2

DaD Virtual Living

DaD Beach Rock
DaD Byron Ruined Tower


LOVE – Foam Wave
LOVE – Swamp Tree

HPMD – Cliff Hill – Flower

The Little Branch – WildGrass Dry

Dysfunctionality – Twinkling Flower Bush

[we’re CLOSED] – Dry Weed

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