At Last The House Was Quiet

Featuring Pitaya

It’s a good thing I love my hubby and have no plans for “doing him in” because I can just see them finding this picture and shouting “PREMEDITATED”!  Some bloggers find their niche in what I call dark photography and happily do it all year long.  I could never do that!  If you follow my blog or Flickr you know I speak the truth.  Looking back, I think I very appropriately named my blog when I chose “Pretty Things, Nice Life” because that is typically what I like to photograph…pretty things.  However, we are in October now and it’s my chance to get a little dark and creepy, at least what is considered dark and creepy for me.  All in good fun and the spirit of Halloween!

Today I am featuring a hauntingly beautiful backdrop from Pitaya.  It is the Dark Scene backdrop currently at The Liaison Collaborative.  It comes with 3 textrure options and the ability to hide or show the curtains.  This could easily be used in your steamy romantic photos or go with something a little more sinister.  It is also perfect for your vintage and Victorian photos.  You can do so much with it.  Head over to The Liaison Collaborative to see the demo and then take it home with you!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux  – Summer Day Hairstyle (RARE)

Dress – *{Junbug}* – Laoren (color edited)


Pitaya – Dark Scene @ The Liaison Collaborative


Fall Dinnerware Corduroy Pumpkin Center Piece Metal (from Deco(c)rate)
Le Chandelier


PILOT – Dustcover – Chair [Bloody Black] (from Deco(c)rate)
PILOT – Dustcover – Round Table [Bloody Black] (from Deco(c)rate)

+Half-Deer+ – Paper Bats

Apple Fall – 2. Apple Fall Dolly Piano

8f8 – New Beginnings – Kerosene Lamp

Barley – Scandinavia Bench

Botanical – T2C Aspen Tree

Boudoir – Covered Dead Body 1

Fancy Decor – ‘Diana the Evening’ Print

Sway’s – [Tied up] Knife – Bloody (included w/ Tied Up Chair)


Sweet Art – Sofia – Pose 1M

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