New Witch In The Emerald City

Featuring [Aleutia], MudHoney and [Krescendo]

Going so soon? I wouldn’t hear of it.
Why my little party’s just

-Wicked Witch of the West-

My all time favorite movie? Wizard of Oz! I come from the generation who grew up with being able to watch it only that one time a year when it came on television, long before internet streaming, Blu-ray, Dvd’s or even VHS tapes. I remember my mom making a special occasion out of it, pillows and blankets in the floor and homemade popcorn. I don’t remember who scared me most, the witch or those flying monkeys. My love for all things Oz continued in my early teens when I read the series of books.

Most people don’t know that there is an entire series of Oz books, 14 of them, published from 1900 through 1920. If you ever saw the 1985 movie Return to Oz you would have gotten a peek at some of the other characters that appeared in other Oz books; Ozma, the Gump, Tik Tok and Billina to name a few. I still have the full series in paperback, a handful of vintage hardbacks and a few non-fiction books on the history of all things Oz. Prized treasures!

Today I am featuring the latest gacha collection from MudHoney that is available at The Arcade, the Faron Chair and Table from Krescendo at FaMESHedX and this amazing Esmeralda Gown from Aleutia that is currently at Collabor88. You can find all the details and landmarks in the credits.


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Truth  – Tinsley

Dress – [Aleutia] – Esmeralda Gown @  Collabor88


MudHoney  @ The Arcade

 MudHoney Zira Shelf RARE
MudHoney Zira Mirror
MudHoney Zira Wall Leaves
MudHoney Zira Candle
MudHoney Zira Geode
MudHoney Zira Stone Vase 1
MudHoney Zira Stone Vase 2
MudHoney Zira Stone Vase 3
MudHoney Zira Bowl
MudHoney Zira Obsidian Crystal 1
MudHoney Zira Obsidian Crystal 2
MudHoney Zira Obsidian Crystal 3
MudHoney Zira Moon Light
MudHoney Photo Room 6 – *NOTE-found at main store*


[Kres] Faron Chair @ FaMESHed X
[Kres] Faron Table @ FaMESHed X
[Kres] Hollywood – Rug Black – Exclusive

*HEXtraordinary* – Flying Monkey Crystal Ball – Gold

Architect.  – De Castelli Wall Panel

Decoy – Miss Grim Gacha: Hourglass (sand color modified)

RE Blueprint Designs – Art Deco Fantail Wall Light

Dysfunctionality – Simple Wooden Fireplace


Lyrium Poses – Anna Static Series – Pose 4M

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