Best Candy On The Block

Featuring DaD Virtual Living, {Old Barn Door} and Sway’s

One of my favorite things about Halloween is passing out candy but sadly it has been many years since I have been able to do so.  I think I wrote about this last year because I was excited that we had finally moved to a neighborhood where I was sure I was going to get trick-or-treaters.  My last 10 years in Michigan I lived in the “boonies” on 2 1/2 acres with only 3 other houses on my dead end country lane and when I moved to Alabama it was pretty much the same until we moved in May of last year. 

As I said, I was excited about the prospect of getting to see the adorable neighborhood kids all dressed up.  Sadly, just a few days before Halloween my daughter had a miscarriage in the fourth month of her first pregnancy.  I hopped on a plane the next day and stayed for a week. 

So now as Halloween draws closer, my excitement is growing but I am not getting my hopes up.  Several cities across the US have already cancelled trick or treating due to Covid and even if it does happen here, I have to wonder how many parents are willing to let their children collect candy from an entire neighborhood of houses.  I will definitely have candy on hand and I think I am going to bag up 2-3 pieces in a snack size ziplock and lay them out on a little table at the end of the driveway and sit back a bit allowing for “social distancing” while still being able to see the costumes.  I’ll have to check the web for ideas!  Hopefully Halloween next year will be back to normal.  Until then I hope the children that do come by walk away saying “she has the best candy on the block”!



DaD Virtual Living

DaD “Halloween Room Service” @ Collabor88
DaD – Climbing Ivy

{Old Barn Door}

{OBD} Country Mums & Squash
{OBD} Hickory Fields Centerpiece
{OBD} Hickory Fields Chair [A] – Grey
{OBD} Hickory Fields Lantern
{OBD} Hickory Fields Sideboard
{OBD} Hickory Fields Wreath


Sway’s [Boo!] Scarecrow . Scary
Sway’s [Boo!] Scarecrow . Spooky

Apple Fall – Apple Fall Pumpkin – Mr. & Mrs. Squash


DRD – GG – Gravestones
DRD GG – Black Widow Tea Set


+Half-Deer+ Spooky Ghost Cat – Trick or Treat!
+Half-Deer+ Spooky Ghost Dog – Lantern
+Half-Deer+ Witch Legs Decor w/ Lights


ACORN Ghost Figurine -Abe
ACORN Ghost Figurine -Boo


LOVE – Little Tree – Autumn 
LOVE – Wild Country Grass – Autumn 2

Artisan Fantasy

*AF* Harvest Hanging Corn
*AF* Stony Hollow Fall Bunting

 DooDaddles by D – Braided Rug

.Florix. – Bat Tempest

*OLD WORLD* – OW Pumpkins w/ Black Cat V2

Trompe Loeil – Classic Cobblestone Path (included w/ Classic Backyard Fence)

Barnesworth Anubis – Monhegan Tinyhouse

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