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Featuring [Krescendo]

The color palette I used in this photo completely reminded me of the time I agreed to let my daughter paint her bedroom hot pink.  We did three walls in hot pink and one in white and put up some zebra print curtains.  Lamps, rugs and other decor pieces followed the same color scheme and were black, white or hot pink.  She loved it and I have to agree it was, to coin a phrase from back then, “the bomb”.  What I hadn’t counted on was the way, that when the sun filled the room, the entire outer hallway was lit up with a bright pink glow. Good times!  She is so crafty that I’m sure, when she has a child of her own, they will have fun creating a space they both love and can look back on with good memories.

Today I am featuring a new gacha collection from Krescendo.  The Almost Famous gacha has 33 commons and two rares and most of the pieces are in shades of..you guessed it…black, white and pink.  You can find it at The Epiphany, open now through November 15th.



[Krescendo]  @ The Epiphany

[Kres] Almost Famous – Amps – Pink
[Kres] Almost Famous – Cactus – Black
[Kres] Almost Famous – Cactus – White
[Kres] Almost Famous – Cage – Black
[Kres] Almost Famous – Chair – Black – RARE
[Kres] Almost Famous – Chair – White
[Kres] Almost Famous – Crybaby Frames – Black
[Kres] Almost Famous – Fake Frames – White
[Kres] Almost Famous – Guitar – Pink
[Kres] Almost Famous – Guitar – White
[Kres] Almost Famous – Lyrics
[Kres] Almost Famous – Record Globe – Black
[Kres] Almost Famous – Record Globe – Pink
[Kres] Almost Famous – Recording
[Kres] Almost Famous – Rug – Pink
[Kres] Almost Famous – Rug – White
[Kres] Almost Famous – Soundproofing – Black
[Kres] Almost Famous – Soundproofing – Pink
[Kres] Almost Famous – Trunk – White


MudHoney Carter Floor Speaker (inc. in Carter Entertainment Set)
MudHoney Photo Room 6

Dust Bunny

dust bunny . paradise plants . fan palm . pink
dust bunny . paradise plants . pineapple plant . pink

CELESTE – Neon Letters Set

Consignment  – Vinyl Wall

Elm. – Aries Shelf – Long

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