The Fortune Teller

Featuring Cheeky Pea, Granola and DaD Virtual Living

Always remember the answers
come not from the rock, the
teacup, the shell, or the cards.
The answers come from you.

– Gwendolyn Womack -cheeky

I will admit it…I am a little in love with this photo.  I look at it and a story fills my head.  I have said before that the talent of Second Life creators, and my sponsors in particular,  make my job as a blogger easy.  If you start with beautiful subject matter you can’t help but get a great shot.  

Today I am featuring a mix of old and new releases.  The Fortune Teller’s set is from Cheeky Pea and though it was originally released for N21 back in 2016 you can see how well it stands the test of time.  Still absolutely gorgeous.  It comes in PG and Adult versions and can be purchased as a set or as individual pieces.

 Next is the Farmhouse Fall Kitchen Decor from DaD Virtual Living which you can now find in the mainstore.  The pieces can be purchased individually or as a set and consists of Copper Cookware Molds, Copper Baking Molds, Old Kerosene Store and the Autumn Wreath.  I was originally going to use these in a different photo but I loved the look of them here and honestly what was part of the story that came to mind.  The mysterious, somewhat scary fortune teller…. out in the woods…with all those pans….for eating CHILDREN!!  Ahhh!  I mean that’s how those stories go, right?  Anyhoo…you can find these decor pieces at the main store.

Last but certainly not least is the item every fortune teller needs….the Cosmic Kitty from Granola.  The Cosmic Kitty is available at the Satan Inc. event and comes in a selection of colors.  Each color set includes a decor piece as well as a holdable version.  Delightfully magical!

We are in the home stretch to Halloween and I am totally feeling the mood.  Time to start watching all of my traditional Halloween shows.  My top two…It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and the original 1978 version of Halloween.  What are your favorite Halloween traditions?  Let me know!



DaD Virtual Living

DaD “Autumn Wreath”
DaD “Copper Baking Molds”
DaD “Copper Cookware Molds”
DaD “Old Kerosene Stove with Roasted Chestnut”

Cheeky Pea

:CP: Fortune Teller’s Candles
:CP: Fortune Teller’s Chair Brocade
:CP: Fortune Teller’s Chair Carpet
:CP: Fortune Teller’s Crystal Ball
:CP: Fortune Teller’s Hanging Light
:CP: Fortune Teller’s Rugs
:CP: Fortune Teller’s Table
:CP: Fortune Teller’s Tarot Cards
:CP: Fortune Teller’s Zodiac Drape


Granola. Cosmic Kitty Bronze. Blue. @ Satan, Inc.
Granola. Cosmic Kitty Bronze. Green. @ Satan, Inc.
Granola. Harmony Crystal Incense Holder. Blue


KraftWork Cozy Sundry Lamp Dark Wood
KraftWork Flora Hallway Folded Table
KraftWork The Witch Hideout . Psychic Readings (Original Art) @ The Arcade


Refuge – Candelabra Gold Grunge
Refuge – LC Floor Candle Purple Lrg
Refuge – LC Floor Candle Purple Sm
Refuge – LC Moon Dust
Refuge – LC Moon Mirror

LOVE  – Travellers Rest Caravan 

.:revival:. – Wood Crate Seat

Dutchie – Gift: Euro Coins

Fancy Decor – Inlaid Box

MadPea  – Lady Kismet’s Secrets – Bowl of Bills

Plaaka – Dried Flower Hanger

Medieval Fantasy – Books

Merak – Belongings Stand

Dust Bunny – Wiccan Artistry Gacha – Rune Stones

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