You’ll Float Too!

Featuring ZK Store

Warning!  This may be a bit of a spoiler alert if you haven’t seen the Stephen King It movies.  I will start by saying that I did enjoy them very much…except for the end, when we finally get to see what Pennywise actually is, since he’s not actually a really creepy clown with sharp teeth.  It was not what I was expecting at all and Pennywise the clown is WAY scarier than that “spider” as I like to call it.  Before writing up this post I was “Googling” a few things and came across some actual text from the book.  We all know books are always better than the movie and though I have read several Stephen King books, It, is not one of them.  The excerpt has me wanting to change that.  

Before I leave you to read that snippet I will tell you a bit about my featured item, the  Penny outfit from ZK Store.  Inspired by Pennywise, the outfit comes in a variety of colors including bloody versions, like I am wearing here.  It also includes socks, shoes and even the red balloon.  *Note- Your nips are going to show in this corset.  I have blurred mine out for this post.* You can find the Penny outfit at Shiny Shabby.  Now on to the story…

George reached.

The clown seized his arm.

And George saw the clown’s face change.
What he saw then was terrible enough to make his worst imaginings of the thing in the cellar look like sweet dreams; what he saw destroyed his sanity in one clawing stroke.

They float,’ the thing in the drain crooned in a clotted, chuckling voice. It held George’s arm in its thick and wormy grip, it pulled George toward that terrible darkness where the water rushed and roared and bellowed as it bore its cargo of storm debris toward the sea. George craned his neck away from that final blackness and began to scream into the rain, to scream mindlessly into the white autumn sky which curved above Derry on that day in the fall of 1957. His screams were shrill and piercing, and all up and down Witcham Street people came to their windows or bolted out onto their porches.

They float,’ it growled, ‘they float, Georgie, and when you’re down here with me, you’ll float, too–’


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Tram – H0928

Outfit – ZK Store  – Penny Outfit (inc. balloon) @ Shiny Shabby

Earrings – e.marie – Cross Earrings

Ring – MIDNA – Drew Ring (MadPea Halls of Horror Hunt prize)

Eye Makeup –  Izzie’s – Smeared Mascara


Stun Poses – Willow – Pose 4 (arm position modified by balloon)


VARONIS – Nighted Backdrop (MadPea Halls of Horror Hunt prize)

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