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My husband and I have been watching Mad Men and I am torn between love and hate with almost all of the characters.  Actually, am really loving the series.  I have never seen so much smoking, drinking and casual sex in my life!  LOL  I am, however, completely in love with the decor, music and especially the fashion and instantly thought of Betty Draper when I put this outfit on.  My husband thinks Better Draper is “the bee’s knees” and the idea of some Don Draper suits is beckoning him to log into Second Life, something he doesn’t do much anymore.  That would be a fun couple shoot and may be a future project.

This is the Lana outfit, the newest release from Avec Toi.  The Lana Sweater and Lana Leggings are sold separately and are available at Uber.  The sweater comes in four mini packs and a fatpack with bonus content and has customizable options for the shirt, buttons and metal.  The leggings come in three pattern packs (plaid, houndstooth and striped) and a fatpack with bonus content.  

I hope all of my USA readers had a great Thanksgiving and that everyone can now enjoy some great Black Friday deals.  I know I have a list!  Happy shopping!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Tram  – G0303

Sweater – Avec Toi  – Lana Sweater @ Uber

Leggings – Avec Toi  – Lana Leggings @ Uber

Earrings – Cae – Basics – Solitaire Stud Earrings

Ring – Orsini Jewelry – NIKI Ring

Sunglasses – Dahlia – Liona Sunglasses

Purse – Memoire -Von Bag Noir


Stun Poses –Mel – Pose 3


Maison de L’amitie

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