Winter’s Frost

Featuring XTC Poses

I was looking back at my blog trying to figure out exactly how long I have been blogging for Pose Fair (just over two years now I believe) and reading those old posts about the reasons I love blogging poses are still true to this day.  Some poses are designed to be presented in a  very specific way while others are open to the photographers imagination.  I love clicking my avatar through the animations until one jumps out at me..and it usually does.

In this instance it is with this pose from XTC Poses.  It is from the L’Homme pack…yes, that’s right…French for “man”.  The creators ad photos are shown with a male model but that is the joy of poses…one person’s interpretation may be totally different from another’s.  This pose also doesn’t come with the snowball but to me it was screaming out for one.  It fit perfectly without any alteration to the pose!  Always think outside the box….that is where adventure awaits!

Pose Fair starts on December 7th at noon (SLT).


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Truth  – Serenity

Dress – *{Junbug}* – Envy

Necklace – RAWR! – Aphrodite Upper & Lower Necklaces


tarte. – Lighted Birch Tree

T-Spot Home & Garden – Snowball


-XTC- PoSes – L’ Homme – Pose 6 @ Pose Fair

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