A New Home For Christmas

Featuring [Krescendo], Crate, Rezz Room, Raindale, Disorderly, Fetch and DP Poses

There is so much that I love about this photo and the things in it.  Let’s get straight to the credits because my inventory is still full of more I want to share.  Have a great day!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Stealthic  – Mayhem

Sweater – ALT by Truth – College Sweater

Jeans – Blueberry – Authentic Classic Jeans

Earrings – [Fetch] – Aspen Earrings @ Santa Inc.


crate @ Santa Inc.

crate DIY Ladder Christmas Trees – Colors
crate Golden Table Tree


[Kres] Christmas Pizza Party – Stars @ Tannenbaum
[Kres] Christmas Pizza Party – Stockings @ Tannenbaum
[Kres] Christmas Pizza Party – Tree @ Tannenbaum
[Kres] London Calling – Beer

Raindale @ Santa Inc.

Raindale – Holibell Snowman 1
Raindale – Holibell Snowman with Gift

[Rezz Room]  @ Santa Inc.

European Cat Adult Reindeer Animesh (Companion)
European Cat Adult Santa Animesh (Companion)

DISORDERLY – Presently Xmas / Stacked Presents @ Santa Inc.


Dustcover – Chair [White]
Dustcover – Round Table [White]

Muniick – French Revival Fireplace

Hisa  – La maisonette D’Aurora

Studio Skye – Enchanted Woods V3

Dby Mesh – Cardboard Box

Mad Mesh – Mesh Cardboard Box

The Black Forest – Cardboard Box


Darcio Poses – Lost In Your Eyes @ Pose Fair

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