When The Girls Get Together

Featuring PosEd Poses and  Garbaggio

I know I have mentioned before how much I loved playing Barbies when I was young and how Second Life is like Barbies for adults.  The pose here is from PosEd Poses and is called Christmas On My Own.  It is available at Pose Fair and comes with the rug with props, hat and glass of wine.  Oh by the way…Angel and Quistis, if you see this….don’t think the name on that bottle went unnoticed!  LOL

I’ve always heard you should never drink alone so my pretty holiday “barbie” dolls from Garbaggio are joining me for a glass of wine. I should note that the dolls do not actually include the wine but their hands looked so empty and well…never drink alone, right?  Mirtha is from the Holiday Glam Dolls collection and is shown here in the green Holiday Gown version and the Holiday Costume version which is the mystery surprise version (so maybe not a mystery anymore 😉).  The Holiday Glam Dolls are available at Santa Inc.

Have a great day!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux  – Lulu

PJ’s – CandyDoll – Merry Pijama

*Santa hat included with pose below*


Garbaggio @  Santa Inc.

Mirtha – Holiday Costume
Mirtha – Holiday Gown


Sway’s [Wrapped] Giftbox . Bow – Holly
Sway’s [Wrapped] Giftbox . Bow – Stars
Sway’s [Wrapped] Giftbox . Christmas Tree – Gold/Red
Sway’s [Wrapped] Giftbox . Ribbon – Green/Red
Sway’s [Wrapped] Giftbox . Rudolph
Sway’s [Wrapped] Giftbox . Santa RARE
Sway’s [Wrapped] Giftbox . Snowman – Blue
Sway’s [Wrapped] Giftbox . Teddy Bear – Brown
Sway’s [Wrapped] Giftbox . Small – Toys

Lucas Lameth – Red Wine Goblet (inc. w/ Oysters, Red Wine & Buttered Bread – size modified)

+Half-Deer+ – Christmas Garland – Traditional – Curved with Tails

Apple Fall – Heritage Christmas Tree – Golden White

LISP – Eternal Forest Fireplace

Dust Bunny – My Plaid Chair

Pose & Backdrop

PosEd Poses – Christmas On My Own (props included) Pose Fair

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