Frosted Holiday Afternoon

Featuring KOPFKINO, 13ACT, BALACLAVA!, Kraftwork, +Half-Deer+, Raindale, Serenity Style, and Crocodoggle

The closer we get to Christmas the more “homesick” I am getting.  I haven’t spend Christmas with my mother in a few years now and while I had hoped this would be the year, Covid had other plans.  She is 84 so I know we have way more Christmases behind us than in front of us.  This scene reminds me very much of her house, the house I grew up in, full of love, warmth and antiques.  

I am thankful for many things though and always count my blessings.  Related to blogging, I am thankful for a new sponsor, Kopfkino.  I love the creators vintage style, beautiful textures and skill at what she does.  I look forward to showing you many more of Kopfkino’s beautiful things.

My featured item from Kopfkino is the Good Reads set.  The set includes the armchair, footrest, book pile, cozy slippers and a hud to change textures on all of the pieces.  There are also reading animations in both the chair and footrest.   You can find the Good Reads set at the Gala Fair Christmas Edition by Tres Chic, open now through January 6th.

I am also featuring more items from Santa Inc.  Have you been yet?  You need to get yourself over there if you haven’t been yet.  There is something for everyone…the nice and the naughty. 

I am also showing you some new cuteness from Serenity Style at UniK, a beautiful vintage looking piece from Crocodoggle at The Liaison Collaborative and an oldie but goodie from What Next.  Check the credits for all of the details.



KOPFKINO @  Gala Fair Christmas Edition by Tres Chic

KOPFKINO – Good Reads – Armchair
KOPFKINO – Good Reads – Book Pile
KOPFKINO – Good Reads – Footrest
KOPFKINO – Good Reads – Slippers

Serenity Style @ UniK

Serenity Style- Christmas Pictures – Merry
Serenity Style- Christmas Pictures – Santa
Serenity Style- Christmas Pictures – Season

{What Next} – December Potted Poinsettia

Crocodoggle – Highgate Hallway Unit – Walnut The Liaison Collaborative

13ACT – Christmas wreath @ Santa Inc.

!13ACT – Christmas Pillow – #Gift1
!13ACT – Christmas Pillow #Gift 2
!13ACT – Christmas Pillow #Gift 3

Raindale  @ Santa Inc.

Raindale – Holibell Hot Cocoa
Raindale – Holibell Cookie Box

BALACLAVA!!  – Merry Merry Snowmen @ Santa Inc.


KraftWork Glass Globe Chandelier . Iron Festive @ Anthem
KraftWork Hanging Sled Decor . Hanging Pans @ Santa Inc.


+Half-Deer+ Ornament Box – Bright
+Half-Deer+ Snow Tracks – Shoeprints
+Half-Deer+ Winter Woodland Terrarium – Deer @ Santa Inc.
+Half-Deer+ Winter Woodland Terrarium – Foxes @ Santa Inc.
+Half-Deer+ Winter Woodland Terrarium – Owl @ Santa Inc.

Apple Fall

Apple Fall Books Occasional Table w/ Blanket
Apple Fall Harrogate Grandfather Clock
Apple Fall Heritage Christmas Tree – Flocked
West Village Althea Rug – Antique Floral

DaD Virtual Living  – “Victorian Sunrise Cottage”

Fancy Decor – Nannerl Mirror

Heart Garden Center – Winter Hawthorn Sapling – Snowy


LISP – Mesh – Eternal Forest Fireplace (modified)
LISP – Mesh – Woodburner Noir

Nutmeg – Stored Antiquities Curtain

Robin (Sojourner) Wood – Christmas Card Row

hive – Holiday Bow

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