Santa’s GPS

Featuring The Little Branch and Hisa

It’s been awhile since I have done one of my “advice from” posts so that is what you’re going to get today!  Enjoy!

Advice from a Reindeer

Appreciate snow days
Rack up happy memories
Make deer friends
Enjoy the great outdoors
Put a jingle in your step
Know when to hoof it
Chill out!



The Little Branch

Douglas Fir Tree{Animated}*4 Seasons @ The Liaison Collaborative
Crispy Grass{Animated}*Seasons*Soft
Eucy Shrub{Animated}Seasons
Wild Berry Shrub{Animated}*4 Seasons

{Old Barn Door} – Red Truck Christmas Decor (resized)

Hisa – Holiday Wreath – gift @ Santa Inc.


Botanical – Dirt Road
Botanical – T2C Aspen Tree

Just Animals

Reindeer Eating
Reindeer Laying
Reindeer Looking
Reindeer Standing
Reindeer Walking

Studio Skye– Welcome Sign (included with Rustic Fence)

HPMD – Cliff Hill – Snow

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