Somewhere On Cleveland Street

Featuring KOPFKINO, Serenity Style, The Little Branch, .peaches., DaD Virtual Living and |T|L|C| Home Collection

For those of you who don’t have any idea what the Cleveland Street reference pertains to, it is from the movie The Christmas Story.  Cleveland Street is where Ralphie, the main character, lives with his parents and brother.  I imagine this house could be next door or down the street  and perhaps this is where Flick or Schwartz lives.  Regardless, it is a home of snow forts, snowball fights and a little BB gun target practice for sure.

I have several featured items in this photo so I will run through them quickly and then get to the credits.  Here we go…

From KOPFKINO is a beautiful, Christmas themed, previously released gacha set.  The God Jul gacha set has nine commons and one rare and you can find it at the main store.

The Snowy Owls are from |T|L|C| Home Collection and are just one of the owl species available at the current round of Cosmopolitan.  The others include the Great Grey Owl, the Northern Saw-whet Owl and a Burrowing Owl Family.  The current round of Cosmopolitan ends on December 26th.

From The Little Branch we have the newly released Street Banyan Tree.  It is animated and also a four season tree.  The set includes two types of seasonal grass as well.  It is available at Man Cave Event.

New from Serenity Style are the Cargo Scooters.  The Cargo Scooter Gacha is also available at Man Cave Event.  There are nine different scooters to collect, two of which are rares.  Don’t forget to pick up your Man Cave group gift from Serenity Style while you are there.

Ready for a snowball fight?  If you’re not prepared, you can head to .peaches. and pick up your Snowball Fight set.  The set includes two snow forts, a snowball giver and a decorative pile of snowballs.  Super cute AND fun!

Lastly is yet another group gift from DaD Virtual Living.  It is the Christmas Greenery set and it includes every sort of garland you might ever need.  There is straight and wavy garland, corners, lit and unlit, wreaths, ribbon and more!  Yet another reason why the VIP group join fee is so well worth it!

As for the BB gun….are you kidding?  You’ll shoot your eye out kid!




Snowball Fight – Snow Fort
Snowball Fight – Snow Fort -2
Snowball Fight – Snowball Pile (Deco)
Snowball Fight – Snowball Giver


01. KOPFKINO. God Jul – Winter Cabin. RARE
02. KOPFKINO. God Jul – Wood Letters
03. KOPFKINO. God Jul – Blanket Chair
07. KOPFKINO. God Jul – Gift Cart
08. KOPFKINO. God Jul – Conifer Crate
09. KOPFKINO. God Jul – Pinecone Traditional Red
10. KOPFKINO. God Jul – Pinecone Traditional Green

DaD Virtual Living

DaD “Christmas Garland Pine Branches Wave”
DaD “Christmas Pine Wreath w Green Ribbon”

The Little Branch @ Man Cave Event

Crispy Grass {Animated}*Seasons
Crispy Grass {Animated}*Seasons*Soft
Street Banyan Tree {Animated}*4 Seasons

Serenity Style @ Man Cave Event

Serenity Style – Cargo Scooter Green
Serenity Style – Cargo Scooter Red

|T|L|C| Home Collection @ Cosmopolitan

TLC Snowy Owl [Adult]
TLC Snowy Stump

: Lewd :  – Ralphie’s Rifle

Botanical – Douglas Fir

HPMD – Shrub – snowy*d

Studio Skye – Skye Enchanted Woods V3 Clearing (Base only)

Astaro – Tredpro Utility Pole

Dysfunctionality – Swaying Leafy Bush – Straight 

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