Soup Is Always A Good Idea

Featuring Shutter Field and Lucas Lameth

The title says it all…soup is always a good idea and especially on a cold winter’s day. I make a lot of soups during the winter and recently tried a new one in the Insta-Pot.  I also made made some bread and my whole house smelled wonderful.  My favorite soup?  Homemade chicken noodle!  What’s yours?

Today I am featuring new delicious looking goodies from Lucas Lameth.  It is the Creamy Tomato Soup & Cheddar Grilled Cheese and it is available at Kustom9.  The set includes a bento server that dispenses 2 servings with timed hold poses as well as decor pieces with no timer.  Delicious!

I am also featuring Holly Dining Table and Holly Dining Chairs from Shutter Field.  You can use them alone or with the Holly Pergola that I blogged a couple of days ago.  The table and chairs come in the same great texture choices and can be used all year round.  You can find all of the Holly pieces on display at the main store.

Lucas Lameth 

(Luc.) Bowl of Tomato Soup, Single V1 [Decor] @ Kustom9
(Luc.) Bowl of Tomato Soup, Single V2 [Decor] @ Kustom9
(Luc.) Bowl of Tomato Soup, Single V3 [Decor] @ Kustom9
(Luc.) Bunch of Tomatoes [Decor] @ Kustom9
(Luc.) Serving Bowl Tomato Soup V2 [Decor, BENTO Server] @ Kustom9
(Luc.) Salt & Pepper

Shutter Field

Holly Dining Chair V1 – Rustic
Holly Dining Table – White

{Old Barn Door} – Farmhouse Bread Basket

{What Next} – Palisades Salad Bowl

MudHoney – Kitchen Clutter Utensils

[Krescendo] – Country Kitchen – Napkin


Ariskea [CozyNight] Copper Kettle
Ariskea [Fraise] Kitchen Favs

Nutmeg – Summer Bliss Drapes

Trompe Loeil

Antique Hutch White
Antique Wood Cookstove Black

[ keke ] – Hard to Find – Glass of Water

Dust Bunny

Rosemary Kitchen Decor . Pots 2
Kitchen Clutter . Potted Herbs . Basil
Kitchen Clutter . Potted Herbs . Parsley
Kitchen Clutter . Potted Herbs . Rosemary
Pasta Love . Grocery Basket


Fir Tree
Snowed in Skybox

Heart Garden Center – Snow Drift – Roses and Fruiting Hawthorn

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