The Cold North Wind

Featuring Lyrium Poses and [Aleutia]

Soooooo….*laughs*….I can laugh about it now but for the first time in over 2 years I had a bad, bad blogging day.  What started out as something that should have been an easy shoot turned into an entire day and 1/2 where NOTHING worked out as it should.

I mean it should have been easy enough…I had an adorable outfit from Aleutia, a beautiful winter setting at Snowdrops and a bunch of poses to choose from by Lyrium Poses.  If you read my blog you know that Lyrium has recently been making all of their pose packs in a choice of static poses or breathing animations….and that is where my nightmare begins! 

I didn’t “read the fine print” when picking my poses!  I looked at arm position and chose something that was cute and still clearly showed the outfit.  Imagine my surprise when I realized the pack I chose was ONLY animations.  After my initial “Oh no!” moment I thought “Hey, you got this!” and figured it was time to start learning the video capture and editing program my hubby got me..ummmm…over a year ago! 

Well, long story short…it was a disaster!  Something is wrong with the program (certainly not operator error😜) and when I did manage to capture a bit of what I wanted, it turns out WordPress doesn’t accept that file format…which led to me thinking I would start a YouTube channel….so I posted there (privately) and the playback was HORRIFIC quality!  There were just epic fails at every turn.  So let me apologize to Lyrium Poses now!  The photos here do not do justice to the adorable animations and are not how I wanted to display them.  I haven’t giving up on the video stuff (yet) but definitely need to wait a few days so that I feel like I am being productive and not just being toyed with by my PC and it’s miserable software!

Now let’s get to the featured items…

From Lyrium Poses we have the Lyla Standing Animations.  There are three animations included with priority 4 and 5 included for each. See collage below for a peek at each.  You can find the Lyla set at Dubai Event.

From [Aleutia] is the super cute Reya Sweater, Reya Jumper and even some great winter tights.  The pieces are sold separately or in fatpacks, and in what most of us refer to as a Megapack, a set that includes fatpatcks of all of the pieces.  You can find it at Uber. 


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux  – Valentine @ Dubai Event

Sweater –  [Aleutia]  – Reya Sweater @ Uber

Jumper –  [Aleutia]  – Reya Jumper @ Uber

Tights –  [Aleutia]  – Sheer Tights @ Uber

Earmuffs – Dahlia – Aspen Earmuffs


Lyrium Poses – Lyla Standing Animations @ Dubai Event



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