In The Cold Light Of Day

Featuring DaD Virtual Living, Serenity Style and KOPFKINO

Christmas may be over but we have a whole lot of winter left.  Thinking about a title for this photo all I needed to do was look up from my desk and take notice of the sunlight streaming through the window.  It is certainly sunny and bright outside but definitely not warm.  Though I have used the saying “in the cold light of day” in a literal sense it did make me wonder about the origin of the phrase so of course I opened a new tab and headed to Google.

In case you are unfamiliar with the phrase it is defined by Macmillan Dictionary as a phrase “used for saying how people feel about emotional matters when they think about them later in a calmer way”.  I was not able to find any info on the origin though.  It was, however, the title of a 2012 movie starring Henry Cavill, Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver and there was no shortage of info popped up on that.  I didn’t see the movie but apparently it was not that great! So it seems the origin will remain a mystery….for now!

Today I am featuring two recent releases from DaD Virtual Living.  First is the Les Memoires Log Basket.  There are two options, one with a blanket and one without or you can also purchase a fatpack.  The baskets are available at Anthem which just has a few days left.  Head over and while you are there check out the Rustic Logs Stars as well!  Also from DaD Virtual Living is the Les Memoires Cozy Bed.  This beautiful wicker bed comes in PG and Adult versions and includes a texture hud with 10 color options for the mattress, sheet, duvet and pillows.  It also includes 2 rugs in neutral colors.  You can find the set at Uber.

I am also featuring  the Amelie Dollhouse Cabinet from Serenity Style.  I absolutely love the design and detail of it.  The doors open and even make a creaking sound.  It is a a real work of art!  You can find it at the current round of Uber, open now through January 22nd.

Last but not least is a beautiful piece from KOPFKINO.  The Etude Violin Chair comes in your choice of three colors and is available at the main store.  It is a lovely baroque inspired tribute to the beautiful music of the violin.  Full of detail and only 5 prim!  



DaD Virtual Living

 “Les Memoires – Cozy Bed” @ Uber
“Les Memoires Log Basket w blanket” @ Anthem
“Les Memoires Log Basket” @ Anthem
“Rustic Log Star”@ Anthem

Serenity Style – Amelie Dollhouse Cabinet @ Uber

KOPFKINO – Etude Violin Chair

Apple Fall

Apple Fall Althea Rug – Antique Light
Apple Fall Reclaimed Corbel Shelf
Apple Fall Stacked Books
Apple Fall: Portobello Corner Store


Countryside Dream Spruce Branch
Countryside Dream Wooden Chest
Old Music Sheets. Floor
Stored Antiquities Curtain
Musical Escape Taupe Dress @ The Epiphany
Summer Bliss Drapes


Blankets Stack
Book Stack Lantern
Rolled Blanket


Acorns Jar Natural
Acorns Nest Natural
Acorns Skating Doll


Garden Vine02 – Snowy
Shrub – Snowy

{What Next}  – Toasty Slippers (Group Gift)

Di’Cor – Gretel Fireplace

PrimVision – Flowers of Antiquity Tapestry I

JIAN – Love Pugs 5. Sleepy Family

KraftWork – Florist . Bird Cage . White GIFT

Myrrine – Shabby chic clock

Spargel & Shine – Victoria’s Vanity

[InsurreKtion] – French Moments – Coffee Tray

Dust Bunny – Postcards

hive – Holly’s Hat Boxes [festive]

{vespertine} – Silver Bunny Post Lantern

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