Just Like That

Featuring Avec Toi

That’s my shit, that’s my wave
Do it like that and I’ll repay it
Don’t be scared, I ain’t afraid
Just like that, come my way.

Doja Cat – Like That

The other day I talked about my epic fail with trying to do some video editing of some breathing animations and let’s just say I am still working on it.  I made a “not bad for my first try” video dancing in this outfit and even though my husband loved it (I think he just loved the outfit), I knew it needed a lot of work. 

As I mentioned in that post, my other video editing program was corrupt so I am working with a new program and can see that while video editing is very fun, it is also very time consuming.  I am sure that speeds up once you have been doing it for…hmmm…10 years? *Laughs*  I will keep at it as time allows and hopefully one of these days dare to actually show my work.  I do think that what I want to do with the animations will be far simpler than the “music video” I tried to make.  I had fun without the frustration I had the other day though so at least things are looking up.

This sexy outfit that my hubby loves is a new release from Avec Toi.  This one is the Slick Top and Slick Shorts. The pieces are sold separately in four mini color packs or in fatpacks that include bonus textures.  It is available at Kinky Event, open now through January 22nd.


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux – Dua

Top – Avec Toi  – Slick Top @ Kinky Event

Shorts – Avec Toi  – Slick Shorts @ Kinky Event

Body Shimmer – Kaithleen’s – Kaithleen’s Animated Mesh Shimmer

Nails – ZOZ – Zebra Bento Long Coffin Nails

Eyeshadow – StunnerOriginals -Shadow Staid

Photo Booth

Foxcity – Trapped


Stun Poses – Kali – Pose 5

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