Valentine, I’m Nuts About You!

Featuring {Old Barn Door} and .peaches.

I love blogging!  My first post was on May 26, 2018, back when I didn’t have any sponsors.  I had recently stopped working and was looking for something to fill my time.  That was 959 days ago and in those 959 days I have published 847 posts, almost one per day when you don’t count the time I was offline while moving and a few days of vacation here and there.  I have left only a couple of sponsors in all that time…until yesterday when I had to step down from several.

I have some new things in the works and had to take a look at my schedule so that things were staying in balance between real life and Second Life.  It was a mix of sponsors that I stepped down from…some that are small and not very active and some that are very active.  Big or small, I enjoyed blogging for each and every one the same and will miss blogging for them but I know they will continue to do great things and I will be watching!  

Today I am featuring  some new releases from Old Barn Door and a previous release from .peaches.  Check the credits for all of the details!

Enjoy your weekend!



{Old Barn Door}

{OBD} Pink Heart Balloon
{OBD} Red Heart Balloon x 2
{OBD} Sweet Treats Candy
{OBD} Sweet Treats Cookies
{OBD} Sweet Treats Flowers
{OBD} Sweet Treats Tray


.peaches. Be Mine – Candy Hearts
.peaches. Be Mine – Choc Berries Tray
.peaches. Be Mine – Wine Bottle


JIAN :: Squirrel
JIAN Valentine’s Squirrel

Apple Fall – Wooden Trunk – Decor

*paper moon*

Framed Vintage Valentines – Blacksmith Cupid: 01
Framed Vintage Valentines – Blacksmith Cupid: 02

HPMD  – Shrub – Pink

Nutmeg – Stored Antiquities Curtain

hive – Valentine’s Laundry Basket

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