Gardening Is Art

Featuring Serenity Style

Gardening is the art
that uses flowers & plants
as paint, and the soil and
sky as canvas.

– Elizabeth Murray –



Serenity Style

Akina Garden Plant 1 @ Uber
Akina Garden Plant 2 @ Uber
Akina Garden Plant 3 @ Uber
Akina Garden Pots Shelves @ Uber
Akina Garden Shed @ Uber
Akina Garden Small Tree @ Uber
The Gardener Corner Plant
The Gardener Corner Bunch of Pots
The Gardener Corner Compost Bags
The Gardener Corner Decorated Sheets
The Gardener Corner Garden Boots
The Gardener Corner Mess Drawer
The Gardener Corner Rake
The Gardener Corner RARE
The Gardener Corner Wheelbarrow


Sway’s [Heart] Bistro Chair – Aqua
Sway’s [Heart] Bistro Table

Apple Fall

Apple Fall Stacked Herb Pots – Bleached
Apple Fall Stacked Herb Pots – Clay

Foxwood – Froggie Doggie


LOVE – Everchange Pathway
LOVE – Grass Border
LOVE – Wild Country Grass

Titans – The Beira Arbour – Tools and Pots


[DDD] Flutter Critter – Dragonfly
[DDD] Swaying Leafy Bush – Tall

{anc} – Clothesline Poles

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