Love In The Shadows

Featuring  Baiastice, Veechi, Avi-Glam and Ascendant

Valentines Day is almost here and with it comes another great round of Cupid Inc. from Novel Events.  There are so many great thing and not just for Valentines.  This post is just the first as there are a bunch of cute things I want to show off.  Everything I am featuring today can be found at Cupid Inc.

First up from Baiastice is this darling lingerie that has the perfect name….Darling.  The Darling Lingerie Set comes in 14 colors and also includes a robe.  You can use the hud to hide and show all 3 pieces.  There is a fatpack that includes gorgeous bonus content and at a real savings.  I say treat yourself and splurge on it!

I am wearing the Be My Valentine nails from Ascendant and you are definitely going to want to see these up close and in person.  They come in a beautiful range of mix and match colors and embellishments.  Super cute!

My eyes are from Avi-Glam and are also a “must see” in a close up. These are the Heart Eyes which come in the reward pack. The pupil is shaped like a heart and I just love this color I am wearing!  So pretty.  There is also another set at the event called Lover’s Eyes that are also gorgeous.  If you have read my blog or checked my standards you know that Avi-Glam eyes are what I wear 99.9% of the time!  I love them!

Last but not least is this fun blush from Veechi.  The Heart Blush includes a variety of shades that leave your cheeks glowing with pretty little hearts.  Perfect for Valentines and fun year round.

Stay tuned for more and be sure to go have a look at the event at all of the great creations available.  Have a great weekend!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux  – Eden

Lingerie –  Baiastice  – Darling Lingerie Set @ Cupid Inc.

Nails – Ascendant –Be My Valentine @ Cupid Inc.

Blush – Veechi – Heart Blush Pink @ Cupid Inc.

Eyes – Avi-Glam – Heart Eyes @ Cupid Inc.


Stun Poses  – Sailor – Pose 5

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